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Civilization VI: The Best Mods You Can Get Right Now

civilization vi


Civilization VI: The Best Mods You Can Get Right Now

Time to rewrite history.

Below you’ll find the best mods available for Civilization VI.

Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Rebalance

This is a mod that helps with an issue players are having with AI technology not exactly matching the time period you’re in. You can find yourself with chariots and slingers during the 21st century, which isn’t very helpful. An adjustment to what the AI has access too in terms of resources and tech options solves this problem.

MadDjinns Tech Tree

This alternate tech tree helps with the timing of the eras and the points in which you gain new technology for a more realistic approach to your nation’s development (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Tougher City States

Mods that help your city states do a better job to, you know, remain your city states, are always a good thing. Tougher City States allows your city states to hold their own in battle. They can still lose, this isn’t some god mode cheat, but they’ll be better at holding off invaders and giving you time to adjust.


The AI in Civilization VI is… less than stellar. They don’t often make the best decisions on your behalf when you trust them to take control, and the enemy AI is pretty questionable as well. Thankfully, there are several mods in the works to help solve this issue. While they are still early on in their development, since modders are waiting for better tools and the like, some, including this one, are already working wonders for players.

Restart Button

This is one of those simple Civilization VI mods that does exactly what the title says. It grants you a restart button that allows you to start a new game with the settings you’ve already chosen, making it a quicker and easier task to get a game that you want going.

Moar Units

This Civilization VI mod adds 12 unique units to the game that are balanced to fit in with the current offerings. If you’ve been looking for a bit more variety, then you should definitely check this one out.

Modern Buildings

Modern Buildings currently adds nine new buildings for you to build, each with different perks and stat boosts for your budding civilization.

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