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Best Animal Crossing Outfits Perfect for Halloween

halloween outfits

Best Animal Crossing Outfits Perfect for Halloween

Need a spooky outfit for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons character? Halloween is only a few days away, so you better put together something soon.

Luckily, there are thousands of creative designs drawn by talented players. We’ve sorted through all the best ones you can download and wear in New Horizons right now.

Bat Sweater

This cute sweater design has two bats in the night sky along with the moon in the background. It’s a great choice for your character that works well not only for Halloween but also for any other chilly autumn night.

Custom design code: MO-DQ6M-XCJ2-RVKN

Spooky Skeleton Sweater

What’s more classic for Halloween than a spooky skeleton? With this sweater, your character will look just like a skeleton with nothing but bones visible. Pair it with a skull hat to complete the look.

Custom design code: MO-WLM8-GF92-K4DT

Black and Orange Dress

Sometimes simple is best, which makes this orange and black balloon-hem dress a great choice. Your character will blend in with the pumpkins while looking stylish.

Custom design code: MO-4LCF-VVWS-N82R

Halloween Hoodie

Doesn’t this Halloween hoodie look comfortable? It has candy corn and pumpkin designs on the sleeves, while the front design is white with bat patterns. The orange fringes give it an extra festive touch.

Custom design code: MO-93CJ-W29B-QMP1

Purple Lace Dress

If you’re looking for a darker custom design, this long-sleeve lace dress is a great option. It’s the perfect dress for a witch costume. Check the creator code for a variety of skin tones.

Custom design code: MO-CC56-2QFT-G8SC

Halloween Coat

This coat features a ghost print on the jacket, which is torn up to give it a creepier vibe, along with a plaid undercoat. It might not keep your character very warm, but it sure looks haunted.

Custom design code: MO-3W0N-7DT6-F159

Spider Web Hoodie

There’s already a spider web t-shirt in the game, but this custom design looks spookier. Plus, it’s a hoodie, which makes more sense for the colder weather. The red and black striped sleeves really make it pop.

Custom design code: MO-D1YW-537S-SQMD

Jack-O-Lantern Dress

This dress has the pattern of a Jack-o-Lantern at the top of the overalls with a purple striped undershirt. It even has a little belt drawn onto it with a mix of every Halloween themed color included at the bottom.

Custom design code: MO-D6DR-3JFB-F5X5

Frankenstein Hoodie

Maybe you’re looking for a Frankenstein or zombie costume, which makes this hoodie a great option to download. It has green and black stripes with a giant stitch running across the center of the pattern.

Custom design code: MO-SQMJ-2QJ8-YRKR

Pumpkin Vest

Need a classier option? Maybe a first date on Halloween night? Well, this pumpkin vest might be a bit tacky, but there’s no denying how fancy it looks.

Custom design code: MO-5344-CB7D-3TYH

Haunted House Dress

If you need a dress to go trick-or-treating in, this haunted house dress might be perfect. The top half is completely black, but the bottom balloon hem has the silhouette of a haunted house and spooky trees with bare branches.

Custom design code: MO-KSLT-WHXH-RQFG

Black and Orange Halloween Dress

If you wanted stick with something simpler, this black and orange striped dress might be perfect for you. The top half has the black and white stripes, while the bottom balloon hem half has orange stripes with a fancy yellow pattern.

Custom design code: MO-WJYK-C5M5-2C9T

Sally Dress

Nightmare Before Christmas fans will love this dress that looks just like Sally’s dress from the movie. The colors and patches match up perfectly, making it an easy costume idea.

Custom design code: MO-WJDO-WVKX-GTLB

Candy Corn Dress

The age old debate… candy corn: love it or hate it? If you’re on the side that thinks it tastes great, be sure to grab this candy corn sweater.

Custom design code: MO-5NN0-VV7B-KJ4T

Blood Moon Sweater

If you want something REALLY creepy, check out this blood moon sweater. It has tree silhouettes on the front with a giant red moon rising behind them. I wonder if it’ll make all of your enemies respawn…

Custom design code: MO-Y61D-FT3X-W7B3

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