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All the Things You Can Do in the Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1

All the Things You Can Do in the Battlefield 1 Beta

You can… pre-order Battlefield 1.

Play With 63 Other People – As expected, Battlefield 1 makes a return to the 64-player multiplayer gameplay where you can duke it out with other soldiers on a massive map. The Conquest mode in Battlefield 1 pits two teams of 32 players against each other as you attempt to control the war zone. It’s pretty hectic.

Play Rush Mode – If Conquest is a little too large and overwhelming for you, you can also take it easy with Rush mode. It’s a much smaller control mode where you play with 23 other players.

Do a Bayonet Rush – It wouldn’t be a World War 1 game if you couldn’t smack some soldiers around with a bayonet, would it? Sprint and tap R3 to do a bayonet attack.

Play as Different Soldier Classes – Aside from being a boring offensive assault class, you can also take on the medic and support roles where you help to flank the enemies, and use tools to provide aid to your fellow teammates.

Drive Around in a Jeep – Jeeps can be found all over the map. If you’re playing Conquest, moving around in a jeep is a great way of getting to your points quickly.

Drive Over Players With the Jeep – You can’t run over your own teammates – I’ve tested this. But it looks like you will be able to kill enemy players by running over them with the jeep.

Fire a Turret from the Jeep – If someone’s already at the wheel, hop into the back of the jeep and start mowing down enemies with the turret.

Drive Your Friends Around in a Jeep and Get Them Killed – If you’re at the wheel, try not to drive your friends into a ditch full of explosives. Or, y’know, do it anyways. You do you.

Ride a Horse – Horses can sometimes be seen riding across the sandy battlefields. If you see one, sprint over and hold the square button to start moving around on horseback.

Shoot Enemies from Horseback Like a Badass – You can’t fire your weapon while driving the jeep, but you can free aim your gun and shoot while riding on horseback. It’s pretty sweet.

Crawl Away Desperately When Critically Injured – You can die very very easily in Battlefield 1. Here’s a pro tip: when your health’s in the red, hold the circle button to flatten yourself on the ground and crawl away, Solid Snake style.

Put On a Mask to Protect Yourself from Gas Attacks – Every soldier is equipped with a gas mask that you can put on, just in case the enemy soldiers toss a gas grenade at you. These can drain your health pretty quickly, so tap up on the d-pad to put on the mask.

Pre-Order Battlefield 1 – Of course you can pre-order Battlefield 1 in the menus of the Battlefield 1 beta.

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