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All the New Destiny: Rise of Iron Emotes and Prices


All the New Destiny: Rise of Iron Emotes and Prices

Show how you really feel.

Destiny: Rise of Iron introduces a lot of new elements into the fold including some missions, a strike, a raid, a bunch of gear, and emotes. There are seven new emotes for players to express themselves with. You can purchase all seven from the Eververse Trading Co, provided that you have the Silver necessary of course. As in the past, each new emote represents a popular dance or just something people like to do.

The seven emotes are the:

Trotting Dance – Gangnam Style

Challenge Dance – Beat It

Wiggly Leg Dance – Stanky Leg

Jump Shot – Basketball

Toe Tap – Impatience

Shadow Boxing – Fight the air

Winded – Out of breath

You can only equip one at a time, and they will take the place of your waving option, allowing you to show your moves to all of the Guardians (and enemies) you may find yourself against.

Remember, Silver costs real-world money, so pick wisely if you don’t want to waste any of your hard earned cash.

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