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All of Sora’s Kingdom Hearts Transformations Ranked From Least to Most Lame

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All of Sora’s Kingdom Hearts Transformations Ranked From Least to Most Lame

All of Sora’s Transformations Ranked From Least to Most Lame

Halloween Town

Once Sora finds himself in the spooky and dark world of Halloween Town, he ends up turning into a strange vampire-esque goth kid sporting black wings, sharp teeth, and a big ol’ pumpkin right on his face. You can’t lie, this is one of the most iconic transformations that we’ve seen in the series.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This isn’t Sora’s first time in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, but his second time seeing Jack Sparrow, Sora’s ready to set sail as he comes sporting with an entire pirate outfit, with dirt marks on his face and all. He seems to only be missing a flask with some suspicious liquid, but remember, he’s only a teenager!

Timeless River

Going back in time to Disney’s black and white past, Sora, Donald, and Goofy take on a monochrome and timeless look that just looks simple and clean. I mean, just look at Sora, he looks like he fits right in with Walt Disney’s history.

Pride Lands

One of Sora’s cutest transformations has got to be his Lion cub form when he and the gang end up with the other lions in the Pride Lands. He still has his spiky anime hair which just looks adorable. I need an entire video game with this version of Sora as the main character, stat!

Christmas Town

When Sora visits Jack Skellington the second time around in KH2, he gets the two-for-one special, allowing him to go between Halloween Town and Christmas Town, with outfit changes and all. He’s still goth, but like, Christmas goth.

Toy Box

If Sora entered Andy’s Room looking all human, then obviously the other toys would be suspicious of his fleshy skin. But, thanks to his magic clothes, Sora becomes a toy himself, with blocky arms/legs and Minecraft-esque designs. If I were to choose a toy to play with as a child, let it be Sora.

Anti Form

Who knew Sora’s dark side could be so powerful and cool-looking? Ever since our hero turned into a heartless at the end of KH1, he has the ability to change into Anti Sora, once his health reaches a certain low point. His allies disappear and his moves are hella dark.


Sora visits Ariel and her fishy friends twice throughout his journey and both times, he sports a merman tail and is shirtless. He fits in so well in Atlantica, that you would think that he was Ariel’s boyfriend or something, but unfortunately, Ariel and Sora are just friends… that’s it.

Space Paranoids

Square Enix really went all out with making Sora and friends look as “Tron” as possible in Kingdom Hearts 2. Their shoes are blue, their clothes are blue, and even Sora’s face and Keyblade have a nice blue hue to them. If this were an alternate costume in KH3, I would totally wear it whenever I could.


Okay, it makes sense that Sora, Donald, and Goofy, all turn into monsters when visiting the Monsters Inc. world, but come on guys. Just look at Sora! He’s not wearing pants, he’s furry, he has emo hair, and I just don’t what to make of it all. Don’t even get me started on Goofy (it gives me nightmares just thinking about him).

The Grid

Sora revisits Tron’s world after first venturing into it in Kingdom Hearts 2, but this time, he’s not all blue and stuff; he still has his Tron-inspired getup but it just doesn’t look as cool as the Space Paranoids one – sorry.

San Fransokyo

You would think that Sora would get a superhero costume of his own to mesh with the crew over in San Fransokyo, but all he gets is a little headset, which, if you ask me, is an abomination. The world is still a blast to play through but … still, we’re very salty about it.

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