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All 13 Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Members, Ranked From Dumb to Dastardly

Kingdom Hearts

All 13 Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Members, Ranked From Dumb to Dastardly

Top 13 Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Members

13. Lexaeus (V)

SPOILER WARNING: This list will spoil some of the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

There aren’t any unlikeable members of Organization XIII, just those liked less than others. As for Lexaeus, he at least fights hard for his cause, and that’s respectable. Most of his on-screen time as a Nobody is spent as Zexion’s bodyguard, and he doesn’t really do a great job. Poor Lexaeus vastly underestimated the power of Riku.

12. Luxord (X)

Luxord is a firm believer in fate and luck, which is a cool character trait but ultimately leaves him as a less valued member of the Organization. With that being said, he does put up a good fight against Sora, being one of the last members to be defeated. He also has a unique boss fight, featuring mini-games with cards and dice.

11. Xaldin (III)

Xaldin and Lexaeus worked alongside one another as humans and are quite similar characters as Nobodies. However, Xaldin spends much more of his time actively meddling in the world around him. In fact, he’s one of the only members to impact the life of a Disney character, turning Beast into a depressed hermit. In the end, though, he fails to achieve his objective and does very little in aiding the Organization.

9. Zexion (VI)

Zexion is an interesting member of Organization XIII. Not only is he intelligent like Vexen, but he manages to hold a much higher level of composure, opting to avoid getting his hands dirty as much as possible. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he was actively working to prevent the traitors from taking over the Organization. He thought he could manipulate Riku into helping him, which ultimately led to his demise. Maybe he’s not so smart after all.

10. Demyx (IX)

Sure, Demyx isn’t the most, shall we say, competent member of Organization XIII, but he’s lovable nonetheless. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, he tries to sit back and let Roxas do all the work, and he succeeds most of the time. Any serious mission that he is sent on sees him spouting his usual catchphrase, “I told them they were sending the wrong guy.” It makes you wonder how Demyx even ended up being scouted for the Organization. Perhaps he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tough break, buddy.

8. Larxene (XII)

If there was a trophy for the wickedest member of Organization XIII, it’d have to go to Larxene. Clearly, she doesn’t care at all about the goals of the Organization and jumps at the chance to aid Marluxia in his plot to take over. She teases Sora about forgetting memories that aren’t even real and makes Namine feel guilty for being forced to implant said fake memories. She’s perfectly evil, even if she’s trying to overthrow an evil group.

7. Marluxia (XI)

The black-clocked figures were introduced to us in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories with Marluxia. He’s the big, bad boss of that game and works with Larxene to overthrow the very organization that he is a part of. His scheme leads to the annihilation of five of the Organization’s members, including himself, and ultimately causes Sora, Donald and Goofy to go into hibernation for a year. Not too shabby.

6. Xemnas (I)

The Nobody of Xehanort himself, Xemnas. He’s clearly built up to be this grand enemy that Sora must defeat in Kingdom Hearts 2, but his tale is still quite sad. The members of the Organization should never have existed, and all he wanted was for them to have hearts. He gets so close to his goal before it is snatched away by Sora and company. It almost makes you not want to fight him after that.

5. Vexen (IV)

Vexen is clever like Zexion but no where near as calm and collected. He seems more focussed on science experiments than he does in aiding Organization XIII, although he isn’t against them. His experiments often prove to be a detriment to himself. For example, the Riku Replica that he created only serves to aid Marluxia, whom Vexen hates. In the end, Vexen is only killed off by Axel as a means to help Axel’s friend Saix climb the ranks in the organization, which is quite sad. Hopefully he fares better as a human in Kingdom Hearts 3.

4. Saix (VII)

You’ve got to love to hate Saix. Despite his rank at number VII, he is one of the Organization’s MVPs. This is thanks in no small part to Axel’s dirty work. As a Nobody, Saix shows very little of the friendship that once blossomed between him and Axel. It’s very cold of him but also makes him an extremely intriguing character. Even after his resurrection in Dream Drop Distance, he still fights for Xehanort’s cause. How could he do that to his friend?

3. Xigbar (II)

Xigbar wears his number II rank on his sleeve, yet he’s a bit of a cook. He goofs off a lot and runs his mouth too much, but he is still Xemnas’ right hand man. I bet that depresses Saix to no end. Xigbar’s cocky personality is why we love him though. He knows more secrets about the Organization than anyone bar Xemnas, and he loves that fact. We see parts of his bad side and his good side throughout Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and he’s just impossible to dislike, even though we know he’s one of the baddest of the baddies.

2. Axel (VIII)

Man, Axel has a rough life during his time in Organization XIII. He personally takes out members to help his “friend” Saix rise to the top, but then Saix drops him like a hot potato. Then he tragically forms a friendship with Roxas, while being very aware that higher-ups are taking advantage of him. Not only that, but he is often assigned with some of the ickiest jobs around. Axel eventually takes ahold of his beliefs, going so far as to aid Sora in destroying the Organization for good. Now he’s a fully-fledged good guy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

1. Roxas (XIII)

Ah, Roxas. He has perhaps the most tragic story in a series overflowing with tragic stories. He’s the only member with little to no clue as to what’s going on. Xemnas takes advantage of this, convincing him that his purpose is to collect hearts with his Keyblade to summon Kingdom Hearts. He is later used by DiZ in order to reawaken Sora, but Roxas never truly learns the reasons behind everything; he just accepts his fate. Those who’ve played 358/2 Days know that Roxas can become extremely powerful, becoming the only Keyblade wielder who can dual wield Keyblades at will.

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