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12 Things That Every Monster Hunter: World Newcomer Should Know

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12 Things That Every Monster Hunter: World Newcomer Should Know

Get ready to get good.

Monster Hunter. Two words that evoke fear into the hearts of many people. Some compare the difficulty to Dark Souls, some say it’s not that intimidating, the hardcore fans are in love with it, and newbies get scared by it. The franchise that has never been easy to get into, until now with the upcoming release of Monster Hunter: World on consoles.

For the first time in forever, Capcom is making an entry in the MH series that is pretty accessible for newcomers while also appealing to long-time fans of the action-RPG franchise. If this is your first foray into the Monster Hunter series, then we have something truly special and helpful for you. We have come up with twelve tips that every Monster Hunter newcomer should know before diving in head first. These tips aren’t just for Monster Hunter: World specifically, but for the entirety of the franchise – basic tips to get you started.

We only hope that this list can make your jump into the franchise a little bit easier, and if you’re still intimidated even after going through these tips, then maybe the series isn’t for you, but we only hope that that is not the case.

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