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Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes to Use in Competitive Ranked Mode


Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes to Use in Competitive Ranked Mode

The cream of the crop.

Lucio – No Overwatch team should ever be missing a support character, and Lucio is the best one you’ll find on the field right now. He’s fast and agile, and he can boost his team’s speed and heal them up. He’s not exactly great at dealing damage and racking up eliminations, but Lucio is especially useful for pushing enemies backs and bringing his team back into the fray very quickly.

Roadhog – Roadhog is one of the best tank characters you can find in Overwatch right now. If you’re looking for a self-sufficient tank, you can really go wrong with Roadhog. He might be slow, but his chain hook can bring enemies close to him and he can easily finish them off with a shotgun blast to the face. When in trouble, Roadhog can even heal himself up in cover before returning to the battle. For maximum results, pair him up with Mercy and you’ll have a near-unstoppable duo.

Reinhardt – While Roadhog is great at dealing damage, Reinhardt is the go-t0 tank character if you’re looking for someone to protect your entire team from enemy fire. Reinhardt’s shield is invaluable in payload matches, and this ability can really help to make some good pushes for your team to get the edge it needs. Sure, he isn’t much use in combat situations when he has his shield up, but smart teammates will know to take advantage of his protection and fire at the enemy team while taking cover.

Zarya – Zarya’s got a pretty sizeable personal shield, and she can even extend that protection to her teammates too. A disorganized team will have a hard time taking her out, as her damage output increases the more damage her shields sustain. Not only that, her ultimate ability will suck enemies into an area, opening up a valuable window for her teammates to take them down.

Symmetra – Symmetra might not be able to heal up her teammates or resurrect them from the dead, but she does have a few tricks up her sleeve that can make things very troublesome for the enemy team. If you’re playing defense on a map, Symmetra is a good support character to have, as she can set up turrets to slow down and damage enemies when they’re in the area. Her teleporter ultimate is also very handy to have for getting teammates back into the fight, decreasing the downtime.

Mercy – If you’re not a fan of Lucio’s group heal ability, Mercy’s a pretty good choice for a support character as well. She can buff a teammate’s damage output, so pairing her up with Roadhog or Pharah is a good idea, considering those two already deal quite a bit of damage on their own. Her Caduceus Staff can also heal up teammates, making it annoying for enemies who are trying to whittle down the health of your allies. Her resurrection ability is also perfect for countering the enemy’s ultimate abilities, and can come in handy when you need to make a push.

Reaper – When in the right hands, Reaper can be one of the most frustrating offensive heroes you’ll face in Overwatch. Not only does he have the ability to teleport, the damage output of his shotguns alone is devastating. With a decent HP pool and the ability to get in and out of combat quickly, he’s a great offensive character when you’re trying to sneak up on your enemies. His Death Blossom ultimate ability is also very useful for clearing out clusters in a short amount of time.

McCree – If you’re going to play McCree, be sure to make full use of his Flashbang. It can stun enemies for just a second, but it’ll be more than enough time for you to fan the hammer on the Peacemaker and unload a full chamber of six bullets to finish them off. Characters with between 150 to 200 HP are unlikely to survive that combo. His Deadeye ability can take a while to get used to, but I advise using it when you’re in a high position so that enemies won’t be able to locate you quickly, and you can take a few of them out instantaneously.

Junkrat – Even in competitive play, Junkrat is still one of the most useful defensive characters in Overwatch. Junkrat’s frag launcher will fire off grenades that bounce off the walls, making it difficult for enemies to predict where exactly it’ll land. The grenades also do splash damage, and I recommend firing them off in tight corridors and confined areas for great results. He’s pretty adept at keeping the enemy at bay with his traps and grenades, and this is useful for when you’re waiting for your teammates to revive and return to the battle.

Torbjorn – He might have gotten a nerf, but Torbjorn’s turrets are still nothing to scoff at. When playing defense on a map, he and Symmetra are great characters to have because of all the defensive maneuvers they can take even before the match starts. Torbjorn’s turrets are best placed in high places, or in corners where the enemy won’t think to look. Be sure to upgrade them as well. Not only that, he can also provide armor for his teammates. Coupled with Symmetra’s photon shields, having these two characters on your team will greatly improve your survivability in a match.

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