10 Iconic Moments We Can’t Wait to Relive in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

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10 Iconic Moments We Can't Wait to Relive in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater Image Source: Konami

After almost 20 years, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has yet again taken the world by storm with the highly-anticipated remake, Delta. Longtime fans will experience the thrill all over again when Big Boss was just getting started as Naked Snake. But, this time around, we’ll see a more modern take on the classic with the realistic features of next-gen consoles.

If you are already tempted to eat the Forbidden Fruit of MGS3, we’ll show you the most iconic moments we can’t wait to relive in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater.

The World’s First Halo Jump

Iconic Moment in MGS3: The World's First Halo Jump
Image Source: Konami

To kick things off, we had to start with MGS3’s epic introduction of the soaring Halo Jump, as Snake plunges into Soviet territory. With the revamped graphics of Delta, it will certainly be an entirely different experience, allowing players to see a complete overview of the modernized setting high above the skies. 

Snake’s landing will be even more legendary than before, especially with the realistic characteristics shown in the announcement trailer. We just hope that Konami keeps in that little detail of the “Snake Eater” wording on his helmet to keep with the tradition of the game’s many Easter Eggs. 

Ocelot’s Grand Entrance

Iconic Moment in MGS3: Ocelot's First Appearance
Image Source: Konami

Although Naked Snake is the main protagonist, Revolver Ocelot always steals the show, from his expressive hand gestures to snarky one-liners. His first appearance in Snake Eater was one of the most memorable scenes, demonstrating his outstanding gunmanship during his prime. 

Of course, we can’t forget his iconic “meow” call, which is still discussed in the Metal Gear Solid community today. Unfortunately for him, this is the first time we truly see Snake’s CQC in action, but at least Ocelot will go down in style with the Delta version. We also can’t wait to hear the classic “You’re pretty good” line exchange between the characters, featured in almost every title in the series

The Iconic Ladder Scene

Iconic Ladder Scene in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Image Source: Konami

You can’t have Snake Eater without the quintessential ladder scene, as it is possibly the most discussed topic in the Metal Gear community. Yes, it may be completely random, yet it still embodies the series’ unique charm through its unpredictable gameplay style. 

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break and climb up an almost never-ending ladder while simultaneously listening to the euphonious “Snake Eater” song. In our time, there will certainly be nothing else like it.

The Boss’ Betrayal

Iconic Moment in MGS3: The Boss' Betrayal
Image Source: Konami

The Boss’ treachery was hard enough the first time, and it’ll probably be even more heartbreaking in Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater. Thanks to the latest in-game screenshots, we got a glimpse of where this tragic event takes place with the new engine, and it’s already shaping up to be a masterpiece.

Not only does this moment showcase the legendary Boss, but it also includes the debut of the Cobra Unit and Colonel Volgin. It’ll also be exciting to view their modernized character models, expanding their terror even further.

The End Boss Battle

Iconic Moment in MGS3: The End Boss Battle
Image Source: Konami

It’s hard to choose between the many Cobra Unit Boss fights of Metal Gear Solid 3, but if we had to pick, the End’s showdown is one we don’t want to miss. Considering the battle’s use of terrain, MGS Delta will increase the challenge of the sniper fight, making it harder to spot his location in the vast greenery. 

However, if there haven’t been any significant changes to the gameplay, you may be able to take the End down using the many tricks players have discovered over the years. Now, the only problem is which method to pick this time around, whether it be the long game of sniper versus sniper or the sneaky route of advancing time on your console.

Snake Gets Caught in Groznyj Grad

Iconic Moments in MGS3: Snake Gets Caught in Groznyj Grad
Image Source: Konami

Snake’s infiltration of Groznyj Grad is one of the most shocking moments of MGS3, showcasing the brutality of Volgin. Until this point, things were going his way after his multiple eliminations of the Cobra Unit, then it all goes downhill when the Colonel grips his way into Snake’s plans. 

While it is petrifying to go through the torture scene, you can’t help but watch as Volgin lands his electrifying hits. This occurrence also marks the start of the prison segment, where beginner players may be able to think of more creative ways to escape the jail cell.

The Sorrow’s Haunting Showdown

Iconic Moment in MGS3: Sorrow Boss Battle
Image Source: Konami

Many game boss fights have primarily exhibited some form of combat, yet MGS3’s Sorrow fight changes things up with no bloodshed whatsoever. You would think a simple walk through a river would seem pretty mundane for a showdown, but it somehow entices you to want to play more.

From the Sorrow’s spine-chilling jumpscares to the harrowing whines of all the soldiers you’ve taken down, Delta will surely make the experience more memorable. Even those who prefer the non-killing route will still find him frightening, mainly due to the hair-raising soundtrack.

EVA & Snake Take Down the Shagohad & Volgin

Iconic Moment in MGS3: EVA and Snake versus the Shagohad and Volgin
Image Source: Konami

Metal Gear Solid 3’s triumphant finale showcases a variety of unforgettable moments, including the all-out battle against Volgin and the Shagohad. This is the first time Snake and EVA team up for a fight, using her speedy motorcycle to escape the clutches of the mobile ballistic missile device. Every moment will get your heart pumping as Volgin plots to grind the team into dust.

Once Snake and EVA reach the end of the road, Volgin ups the ante through his deadly lightning strikes until it eventually turns against him with the last hit. One moment we can’t wait to see in this particular scene is the warm embrace of the two characters as fireworks pop off. Well, it may not be too romantic, given that the “fireworks” are essentially Volgin becoming a human popcorn machine with live rounds, but it’s still pleasant, nonetheless.

Ocelot Gunspinning Scene

Iconic Moment in MGS3: Ocelot Gun Spinning Scene
Image Source: Konami

Throughout Snake Eater, Ocelot has continuously proven his worth as a marksman through his almost perfect targeting skills (except with Snake) and gun-slinging talents. However, out of all his weapon performances, his closing execution takes the cake, putting on a show for his final act of MGS3. Longtime players will remember Ocelot’s demonstration with his last bullet, forcing them to keep an eye on the two guns in order to choose the right one.

Many fans became inspired by the gun-spinning scene and have tried to recreate it in their own way. Though, nothing comes close to the true master of the art, Tornado Yoshida, the original motion capture gunplay expert for the series.

Boss Versus Naked Snake

Iconic Moment in MGS3: Boss Versus Naked Snaked
Image Source: Konami

It all comes down to the most iconic moment of Metal Gear Solid 3, the Boss versus Naked Snake, a battle between the master and the apprentice. Given the PS2’s version of this magnificent scene, we can’t imagine what it would look like in Delta with the latest generational consoles. Everything about this battle is exemplary, from the Boss’ riveting speech to the breathtaking scenery to the brawl’s intensity.

What makes this battle more exciting is the limited time duration placed by the Boss herself, as the game’s main theme begins to play. Then, when it’s all over, the snowy white flowers turn to a blood red, marking the end for the Joy. Although it signifies the conclusion of Snake Eater, this crucial moment paves the way for the rest of the series, and we hope to see the rest of the Metal Gear titles get the same treatment as Delta.

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