Everything New in the Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2023 Update

A new season in Splatoon 3 has begun. Here are all of the new additions in this huge, free update.

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The next season of Splatoon 3, called Sizzle Season 2023, official begins on June 1. Along with the new season comes a free update to the game that brings plenty of new content. This update is rather large and packed with new features, and you might not be familiar with everything included. Here is everything new in the Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2023 for you to enjoy.

New Stages

splatoon 3 sizzle season new stages
Image source: Nintendo

Just like in the previous Fresh Season, this new season brings additional stages to play on. This time, there are two more regular stages and one more Salmon Run stage.

The first regular stage is a brand new one called Barnacle & Dime. It is located inside a supercenter mall, as you can see in the picture above. The second regular stage is a returning one from Splatoon 2: the fan-favorite Humpback Pump Track.

Additionally, one new Samon Run stage called Jammin’ Salmon Junction will be added to the rotation. This stage is located on a collapsed highway-turned-concert venue.

New Weapons

splatoon 3 sizzle season new weapons
Image source: Nintendo

The new season brings a grand total of 11 new weapons to the game, each with their own sub weapon and special. They are as follows:

  • Annaki Splattershot Nova (with Ink Mine and Inkjet)
  • Big Swig Roller Express (with Angle Shooter and Ink Storm)
  • Custom Dualie Squelchers (with Squid Beakon and Super Chump)
  • H-3 Nozzlenose D (with Splash Wall and Big Bubbler)
  • Heavy Splatling Deco (with Point Sensor and Kraken Royale)
  • Light Tetra Dualies (with Sprinkler and Zipcaster)
  • Painbrush (with Curling Bomb and Wave Breaker)
  • Rapid Blaster Pro Deco (with Angle Shooter and Killer Wail 5.1)
  • S-BLAST ’92 (with Sprinkler and Reefslider)
  • Splatana Wiper Deco (with Squid Beacon and Tenta Missiles)
  • Tenta Sorella Brella (with Ink Mine and Trizooka)

Each of these weapons are available to buy at Ammo Knights with Sheldon Licenses (earned by leveling up).

Sizzle Season 2023 Catalog Items

splatoon 3 sizzle season new catalog
Image source: Nintendo

Sizzle Season 2023 starts a brand new catalog to work through with unlockable items at every level. Like the previous three catalogs, it will have 100 total levels, each one with a different reward.

Rewards will include new gear, decorations, stickers, emotes, titles and splash tags.

In addition to catalog rewards, there will be a total of 20 new gear items and five returning gear items that will be purchasable in the various shops.

Challenge Mode

splatoon 3 sizzle season challenge
Image source: Nintendo

Challenge Mode is arguably the biggest change coming to the game in Sizzle Season 2023. This mode acts as a replacement for League Battles from Splatoon 2.

Challenges are special, limited-time events that feature specific conditions to the stage or player to make the battle more interesting. For example, the Foggy Notion condition fills the stage with fog, and the Too Many Trizookas! condition makes it so that players can only use Trizooka weapons.

Challenge events occur during a two-hour window at specific times throughout the season. You can keep an eye on the official Splatoon social media pages and website for announcements regarding when these events will take place throughout Sizzle Season.

Tableturf Changes

splatoon 3 sizzle season tableturf
Image source: Nintendo

A number of changes to Tableturf Battles are introduced in Sizzle Season 2023. As expected, new cards have been added for each of the new weapons added this season—this means 11 additional Tableturf Cards to add to your collection.

The most significant change to Tableturf is that the mode is getting a massive level cap increase. Previously, the max level was 50. Now, the maximum level you can reach is 999. Yes, that’s three 9s. You’d better start Tableturf Battling if you want to reach this new cap anytime soon.

Finally, online lobbies have been updated: if the host of a Tableturf lobby leaves, the lobby will no longer close and the remaining players will be able to continue battling.

Other Additions

splatoon 3 sizzle season salmon run other features
Image source: Nintendo

There are many other smaller changes and additions in this new Sizzle Season 2023 update. Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • Three new songs (Ska-BLAM, Rockagilly Blues, and Three Horn Circus) by a new band called Yoko and the Gold Bazookas
  • New rare seasonal title (Ace-Gadabout) and gold banner for the Shell-Out Machine
  • In Eggstra Work, players will be able to join solo instead of needing a full team to start (the next Eggstra Work event will take place from June 30 through July 2)
  • Top performers on winning teams will fist bump each other at the end of a battle on the results screen

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