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The Easiest Games on Xbox Game Pass to 100%

What an Achievement!

Since Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service went live in 2017, achievement hunters have flocked to it with the promise of new games, big and small, to mine for Gamerscore. From AAA day-one Xbox Game Studios titles to indie and licensed games, Game Pass has allowed all gamers to play more games than ever before. But what are the easiest games on Xbox Game Pass to 100%?

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Easiest Xbox Game Pass Games to 100% Complete

Those in the community who seek out any chance to increase their Gamerscore through easy-to-collect achievements seek out the best games to 100% on Game Pass. From former Xbox Live Arcade titles to exploit-heavy modern titles, some gamers will play anything if it means netting more Gamerscore on their profile!

While using game guides will no doubt help to get the most economical completion of the games on Xbox Game Pass, we’ve compiled this list of the best titles to play if that’s your goal.

Along with calculating the number of achievements given, we’ve also looked at how long it takes to complete these titles, so you can get the most bang for your buck with these Game Pass titles!

5. Open Roads

The mother and daughter characters in Open Roads ride in the car together with the windows open. The wind blows their hair backwards, and they seem relaxed.
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive
  • Gamerscore available: 1,000G
  • Achievement amount: 16
  • Estimated playtime: Three hours

After the overwhelming success of Gone Home on PC and then through its multiple console adaptations, many were extremely excited about Steve Gaynor’s next video game venture.

As such in 2024, beyond multiple lurid accusations, Open Roads was eventually bestowed on the gaming public by a Gaynor-free development team. Despite its stunning visual presentation and star-studded voice-acting cast, in our Open Roads review for PlayStation 5, we bemoaned how:

“I finished the story and platinumed the game in less than three hours, and the majority of that time was spent slowly wandering around three houses and picking up items.”

Tom Hopkins, ‘Open Roads Review – A Disappointing Road Trip’

As such, it’s a real shame to see such a stellar title be brought down by a short run-time and simplistic puzzle-solving mechanics. Only taking three hours to complete, Open Roads is home to 16 achievements, which amount to the standard 1,000 Gamerscore.

While these may be shortcomings of the retail release of the title, and from a development standpoint, achievement hunters are sure to flock to the title now that it’s available for free on Xbox’s Game Pass service.

Isn’t that what they say; that one man’s trash is another man’s easy 1,000G?

4. Venba

The mother and father figures of Venba sit at the living-room table while the father feeds the mother some home-cooked food.
Image Source: Visai Games Inc.
  • Gamerscore available: 1,000G
  • Achievement amount: 15
  • Estimated playtime: Two hours

Long before it came to Game Pass, and even before it officially launched, Twinfinite have been fans of the homely indie cooking of Venba. After our first taste of the title, we were already keen to see even more from Visai Games’ heartfelt tale of found home and pride of heritage.

As such, it brings me great joy to be able to play my own small part in inviting more gamers to experience Venba. Even if it may be for the easy 1,000G after only a (conservative estimate) of two hours playing, the 15 achievements you gain for completing Venba may be the easiest achievements to earn on this list.

“Players will … get the chance to bond with the family and have daily conversations that can prove challenging during certain events. With this story, you’ll become immersed in a cook’s life and maintain relationships with your loved ones.”

Kristina Ebanez, ’15 Upcoming Indie Games To Keep an Eye Out For’

Although Venba may not be a children’s game, or a narrative-focused ‘walking simulator’, the title has never been about difficulty – in fact, the opposite. Venba is all about welcoming the player in, and the achievement-hunting aspect runs parallel to that as well.

You may well accidentally trigger all of Venba’s 15 achievements without having to so much as glance at a guide.

Overall, I completely understand that the easy-to-grab 1,000G might be the reason you come to Venba. However, I’m sure that the cozy atmosphere and welcoming aromas you find in this low-stakes cooking game might be why you stay – long after you’ve found all of its secrets!

3. McPixel 3

McPixel, in the form of a fish, backs away from a much larger sea creature with large, imposing teeth.
Image Source: Devolver Digital
  • Gamerscore available: 1,000G
  • Achievement amount: 93
  • Estimated playtime: Eight and a half hours

The allure of Xbox Game Pass – besides the day-one Xbox Game Studios titles and the occasional ‘Perk’ – has always been the players’ ability to pick up smaller titles they wouldn’t have otherwise dropped their hard-earned cash on. McPixel 3 is one such game.

Published by Devolver Digital, this tongue-in-cheek Warioware-esque title bestows a ridiculous 93 achievements on the player! While they’re still only worth the typical 1,000 Gamerscore, this 2022 tongue-in-cheek sequel is a short, creative video game that consistently adapts to keep things fresh for the player.

“For every solution, you will be rewarded with coins … You can use them to unlock new levels! Also, everyone loves coins, right? They’re shiny and golden and spinning! No reason not to have some more!”

Xbox Store Page – McPixel 3

100% completion can mean a lot of different things to different people – although, whatever your criteria, to do so with McPixel 3 is no hard task. Especially with a guide on hand.

However, if the amount of achievements is important to you – rather than getting a 1,000G increase from a few stretched-thin points between barely-double-figures achievements – then this eight-and-a-half-hour micro-puzzle retro romp will definitely be worth your time!

2. Escape Academy

The Escape Academy logo graphic. Shows two figures at the entrance of a castle-like building, with banners either side of them showing a lock and a key.
Image Source: iam8bit, Inc.
  • Gamerscore available: 1,500G
  • Achievement amount: 40
  • Estimated playtime: Five and a half hours

It’s not often, when looking for the best ways to wring out a game for Gamerscore, that you find a title with such a novel concept as Escape Academy. The escape-room puzzle game/visual novel has enthralled gamers since its release in 2022. So much so that it’s seen multiple patches and updates to stabilize and enhance the experience for its players.

While Microsoft does place a 1,000 Gamerscore ceiling on titles, they do allow for games to add appropriate Gamerscore-providing achievements to DLC. In providing the free Tournament of Puzzles DLC to all players, Coin Crew games have managed to increase the obtainable Gamerscore from the standard 1,000G to 1,500G!

Alongside a truckload of new challenges to complete, this free update elevates an already sought-after title for achievement hunters to a must-play!

Even though the game can be 100% completed with a single player (provided you have two controllers and good muscle memory), Escape Academy is much more accessible in multiplayer.

In our review of the game, we detailed this fact, before the Tournament of Puzzles update and the allure of all that Gamerscore. As such, we can imagine it’ll be a much easier sell now if you weren’t able to compel anyone to play with you back then!

“That is not to say you cannot have fun if you are playing solo, but the presence of a co-op partner does elevate things to a certain extent. Then again, it all depends on how competent your partner is”

Jake Su, ‘Escape Academy Review – Layers of Puzzling Satisfaction’

So, if you’re hunting for the base 100%, and that shiny 1,000G, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. However, if the added challenge – or most likely the extra 500G – tempts you, then give these Escape Academy challenges your best shot. So, grab a friend – or a second controller – and get to playing!

1. My Friend Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig and her friends/family ride a rollercoaster designed to look like a spaceship.
Image Source: Outright Games Ltd.
  • Gamerscore available: 1,000G
  • Achievement amount: 11
  • Estimated playtime: One and a half hours

Licensed games are a mainstay of the video game industry. Not because they’re integral to the platform’s success like branching narratives and interactive storytelling, but because companies will always be out to make a quick buck!

My Friend Peppa Pig is a game whose target audience – children aged four to six years old – will adore it. However, the most enjoyment adult gamers will find from this cartoon property tie-in is its easy-to-grab 1,000 Gamerscore. Only taking as long as your average wash/dry cycle, completing Petoons Studio’s 2D sidescroller is every achievement hunter’s dream.

“Have a fun-filled adventure by becoming Peppa Pig’s new friend … It’s just like being in an episode of the TV show, where all your favorite characters are excited to meet you. From the Beach to the Museum and even Potato City, every playtime is a new experience with your friend Peppa Pig.”

Xbox Store Page – My Friend Peppa Pig

Originally released in 2021, then added to the Game Pass service in July of 2022, that 1,000G you can nab is linked to only 11 achievements.

Overall, the gameplay isn’t remotely complex, and the narrative is only a shade more complicated than the brightest white. However, the target audience is sure to find a lot to love with My Friend Peppa Pig – and when you’re grabbing 90G every eight minutes, you’ll be sure to love it too!

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