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Top 10 Best Outposts Made by the Starfield Community So Far

Outpost-building on a whole new level.

Building an outpost in Starfield can be a gratifying process. While the automated resource harvesting aspects of outpost building are profitable, it can be pretty hard to wrap your head around the mechanics behind it.

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However, approaching the feature as a way to craft a personalized home is probably one of the most fun ways to spend your time in Starfield, and that’s just what the community has been doing, which has led to some awe-inspiring results. We’re going to highlight the top 10 of the best outposts made by the Starfield community we’ve found so far.

10. Vacation Outpost

Starfield player home looking out into a body of water at sunset.
Image Source: Fargo_Season2 via Reddit

Saving the universe from Terrormorphs, Spacers, and Starborn can be pretty exhausting, so having a dedicated vacation outpost is a nice luxury. Reddit user Fargo_Season2 has made just this on Proxima Ternion 3. Conveniently located near a beach, this outpost has some great vibes.

Although the planet is quite cold, according to the survey readings. So, this player has constructed a series of open-design habitat modules allowing the sun to peer through the outpost (presumably temperate-controlled!). It’s a cool-looking outpost with a relatively straightforward build, so it should be easy for others to replicate.

9. City Above Water

Overhead view of a Starfield player home situated over a lake.
Image Source: motionresque via Reddit

Outpost building can be a frustrating endeavor. Sometimes, the connections you envision can’t be made because of terrain that blocks them or some other annoying reason. Building over water is particularly a headache since most bodies of water are too deep for the building foundations. However, Reddit user motionresque gives a lovely display of how to properly build over water.

This Starfield player constructed an entire city above the water on the planet Archimedes 2. The mix of different habitat modules fit so well together, and the wind turbines atop the structures give the outpost an awesome aesthetic. Plus, the landing pad’s placement is phenomenal!

8. Azure Bay Resort

Starfield player home with a tropical bar.
Image Source: Icy_Combination_5428 via Reddit

Not all outposts have to be massive farms, harvesting hoards of resources. Sometimes, building a nice, relaxing resort is the perfect idea. Reddit user Icy_Combination_5428 has made just this with their outpost on Serpentis 2, titled Azure Bay. Although it’s apparently still a work in progress, what’s been made so far is quite impressive.

The bar area, in particular, is really well done. The biome is also a great choice, providing some tremendous tropical vibes. The funny thing is that the atmosphere on the planet is a bit hostile, so any guests of this resort will be hanging out at the tropical bar with their spacesuits on.

7. Outpost With A Detailed Restaurant

Starfield player home with a decorated restaurant and bar.
Image Source: JulianJanganoo via Reddit

Getting the interior of an outpost just right is one of the most challenging things to pull off when building in Starfield. Reddit user JulianJanganoo gives a masterclass on this with their highly detailed output. It has several well-designed areas, including a research center, a contraband showcase room, and a beautifully crafted restaurant and bar.

The bar is one of the most impressive displays of player creativity, as each of the items behind the counter has been carefully hand-placed. The result is an immersive, high-quality area that looks as if it was officially made by Bethesda’s designers. Plus, the extra storage room with posters of the Space Frog from Outer Space is a great touch.

6. Moon Base

Starfield player base on a dark moon.
Image Source: InfinityPortal via Reddit

Reddit user InfinityPortal shows us how to build an incredible base of operations with their Moon Base outpost. The interiors look sleek, with a neat living quarters area stocked with bunkbeds and personal storage, as well as a cool common area inside a windowed habitat outpost module that offers a great view.

The exterior of the outpost reveals a multi-level design that flows incredibly well, making the base feel tidily designed and spacious. Rows of storage containers show the functionality of this outpost. The base is apparently still in construction, but what is already here is remarkably impressive.

5. Appalachia Outpost

Starfield player home with an elegant bedroom.
Image Source: Rubmynippleplease via Reddit

Simplicity is often the best solution to making outstanding creations. This Reddit user demonstrates how far this principle can take us with their outpost titled Appalachia. Built in a lush, beautiful forest biome, this outpost is constructed with only a handful of habitat modules, but their open design lets the magnificence of the environment shine through.

The interior is also quite lovely. The foliage sprinkled throughout the home gives it a nice, natural touch that gels well with the biome. Art and other decorations are tastefully displayed across the outpost, giving it a carefully crafted flair that ties everything together.

4. Coruscant

Starfield player home emulating Coruscant city from Star Wars.
Image Source: HomeAny6848 via Reddit

Sometimes, an outpost isn’t going to cut, and something much more is needed. Reddit user HomeAny6848 did just this, going all out in their recreation of the city of Coruscant from Star Wars. Filled with starkly lit skyscrapers and industrial aesthetics, this outpost captures the essence of the iconic location.

This player made clever use of the landing pads to create an even foundation upon which to build the city, which undoubtedly took many hours and patience to accomplish. To have made this within the bounds of Starfield’s outpost-building system is quite impressive.

3. Mountain Base

Starfield player home situated on a mountain range.
Image Source: Zeltchoron via Reddit

Finding the best place to build an outpost in Starfield is a challenge within itself. What’s even more challenging is finding a mountain that allows building, let alone actually constructing the outpost. Players often run into the dreaded error indicating that the foundation is too tall to place a structure. This can be pretty annoying, especially when building on odd terrain.

However, Reddit user Zeltchoron has achieved this feat, crafting an impressive base on a steep mountain range. It’s a simple design, but it has more than enough to serve as a solid player home. Also, the base’s high altitude allows for a lovely view of the surrounding area, which is a nice perk.

2. Custom Factory

Starfield player outpost factory with rows of storage containers.
Image Source: Hackoox via Reddit

Starfield’s outpost-building feature can almost be a standalone game, which is proof that Bethesda should make a management sim as soon as possible. This feature is so expansive that players may actually spend most of the game just building. Players like Reddit user Hackoox have spent hundreds of hours doing so, with incredible results.

They have built a massive custom factory outpost, intricately designed with tons of storage space. The most impressive part is the dedication it took to manually place over three thousand tiles to form the outpost’s foundation. It looks like they have used mods to turn off build limits, but the rest is just hard work and dedication.

1. Ultraviolet Elysium

Starfield player home with a colorful vista and forest surroundings.
Image Source: Hobo-man via Reddit

One of the best parts of Starfield is the stunning vistas that can be found across the universe. There’s nothing better than an outpost that finds a gorgeous location and centers the build around it. Reddit user Hobo-man did an excellent job of this with their outpost on the planet Schrodinger 8-A.

Their outpost, titled Ultraviolet Elysium, sits on a hill overlooking a forest with a neighboring planet in full view. The ringed planet hangs massively in the night sky, providing an incredible sight when looking through the windowed outpost structures. The interior is quite elegant as well, featuring a clean decoration scheme. If there’s one place we’d want to live in the universe, it’d be here.

Outposts will undoubtedly become even more impressive as Starfield gets further into its lifespan, with expansions and DLC like Shattered Space potentially adding even more modules and decorations to spice up custom homes and cities. What did you think of these outposts? Have you made even cooler ones? Let us know below!

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