How many outposts are you allowed in Starfield
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How Many Outposts Can You Have in Starfield? Answered

Home away from home.

While the bulk of your time will be spent flying through the cold expanse of space, exploring alien worlds, and chatting to the game’s colorful cast, there’ll be moments where you’ll want to simply rest your weary head and create your very own home away from home. Well, that’s where Outposts come in. But how many Outposts can you have in Starfield? That’s a good question, and one we’ll be answering down below. Let’s go!

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How Many Outposts Are You Allowed to Have in Starfield?

Off the bat, players will only be able to build up to eight Outposts across the different habitable planets that they explore. When you place down an Outpost Beacon — which is essentially the beating heart of each base — you’ll take up one Outpost slot.

The number of Outpost slots that you have available can be seen when you use your Hand Scanner; it’s at the bottom left-hand side of your screen (as highlighted in the image below).

How many outposts can you make in Starfield?
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda Game Studios

Luckily, you can delete Outposts to free up more room, so if you’re thinking of relocating your base to another planet, it’s totally doable. But, what if you wanted more than a measly eight? Is there a way to have more? Well, you read our mind as there’s indeed a way for you to get even more Outpost slots in Starfield.

How to Increase Your Maximum Number of Outpost Slots

The key to increasing your maximum amount of Outpost slots is tied to the Planetary Habitation Skill, which can be found in the Science tree. When you unlock this, you’ll be able to net an additional four slots with every rank, culminating in a grand total of 24 Outpost slots at rank 4.

The downside? Planetary Habitation is one of the last Skills in the Science tree, so you’ll need to invest 12 points into the tree before you can unlock it. That being said, if you’re looking to build lots and lots of bases across different planets, this is undoubtedly the skill for you.

And on that note, we conclude our guide on how many Outposts can you have in Starfield? For more, here’s how suit protection works and some tips and tricks for those starting out. As a always though, feel free to explore our further content down below before you go.

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