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Diablo 4 Fan Shares Epic Recreation Of God of War’s Kratos

The crossover we didn't know we needed.

The Diablo 4 Early Access Beta dropped on March 17, giving fans of Blizzard’s action RPG their first chance to get hands-on experience with the upcoming installment.

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While players strive to get to grips with all its new features and level up as quickly as possible, others are simply enjoying the plethora of options the Beta provides – including character customization tools that open the door to recreating legendary video game protagonists.

That’s certainly the route taken by player ‘The_Fassbender‘, who shared their incredible recreation of God Of War hero Kratos in Diablo IV.

Anyone who’s played God Of War, or its sequel Ragnarok, will know Kratos for his incredible size, bright blue and white body paint and intimidating physique. Almost everything has been recreated in Diablo IV, with the poster even joking that they were playing ‘God of Diablo IV’.

Other players quickly shared their appreciation for the creation, with it amassing over 1,700 upvotes at the time of writing.

The creator pointed to the devs when explaining how they’d made it, saying the huge amount of customization tools made it possible. They also shared a link to Diablo IV cutscenes with ‘Kratos’, immersing the God Of War protagonist even further in Blizzard’s hell-scape world.

Creating Kratos was reportedly “very easy”, with the Redditor explaining: “Just make him pale, bald, choose that beard option (black), and choose that tattoo option with ‘henna’ colour. That’s basically it. And then name him: “Kratos The Second.”

If you didn’t manage to get into the Diablo IV Early Access Beta, rest assured that the Open Beta releases on March 24, meaning you can drop in without having committed to purchasing the game outright.

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