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What Are Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2? New Equipment Explained & How To Get

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What Are Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2? New Equipment Explained & How To Get

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Warzone 2 Season Two added a huge amount of new content to the battle royale, some of which was overshadowed by the brand new Ashika Island Resurgence environment. As a result, you’d be forgiven for missing Redeploy Packs. But what are they, how do they work and where do you get them in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 Redeploy Packs Explained

One of the most popular aspects of the first Warzone – and a feature that returned in Warzone 2 – is the Gulag system. When players are killed in battle royale matches, they’re transported to the Gulag prison where they duke it out in a 1v1 (briefly a 2v2 when Warzone 2 launched). Winning a 1v1 match allows players to be redeployed into the action.

A redeploy pack is an item that players can equip or store that allows them to bypass the Gulag and instantly respawn. There’s nothing players need to do specifically to activate the Redeploy Packs – if they have one in their possession when they’re eliminated, they will automatically drop back in without having to win a Gulag match.

Players will respawn as if they’ve won their Gulag though – meaning they’ll drop in with little money, gear and a basic primary weapon. They’re also exclusive to Al Mazrah in Season Two – they can’t be found on Ashika Island (bear in mind that Resurgence modes generally respawn players when they’re eliminated anyway).

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How to Get Warzone 2 Redeploy Packs

Like other in-demand items in Warzone 2, there’s a few ways players can get hold of Redeploy Packs.

  1. Ground Loot – Like typical weapons and equipment, Redeploy Packs spawn in as lootable items that can be picked up by players when they stumble across them. They’re incredibly rare however, so don’t anticipate coming across them frequently.
  2. Buy Stations – Unsurprisingly, they’re also purchasable via the Buy Stations spread across Al Mazrah. They’re not guaranteed to be available at all Buy Stations and, like UAVs or other gear, there’s only one Redeploy Pack acquirable per Buy Station. If you’re lucky enough to find one at a Buy Station, it’ll cost $6,000 for the privilege.
  3. Strongholds & Black Sites – Completing any of the Stronghold or Black Site challenges across Al Mazrah can reward players with Redeploy Packs. It’s a big and long ask to beat out the AI though, so be warned if you choose this route to redeployment.

That’s all there is to know about Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2 and Al Mazrah. We’ll be the first to update this page if there are changes made to the in-demand item.

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