DMZ and Tempered Vests on Ashika Island
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DMZ’s Crazy Duplication Glitch Is Literally Giving Warzone Players 100 Ultra Rare Items

Dupes on dupes.

Warzone’s DMZ extraction mode, for all the love it continues to receive from the player base, has come in for some criticism of late. Players have highlighted cheating and glitches as serious issues but, as we approach Season 5, a far more serious duplication exploit is causing havoc.

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DMZ has encountered duplication glitches in the past, letting players spawn multiple versions of a desirable item or weapon. However, we’re not sure there’s ever been one like this.

In Season 4 Reloaded, DMZ’s duplication glitch lets players swap an item they want to duplicate for a stack of bullets. The number of bullets in the stack they swapped for (in theory up to 180) is the amount of the item they will duplicate. In theory, players could spawn 30 Advanced UAVs, 60 Tempered Vests or 90 Revive Pistols.

We won’t show you how to do the glitch (for obvious reasons), but it involves swapping out Active Duty Operator Slots and leaving and re-entering matches.

Players have found that it’s growing in frequency in matches too, with one Redditor claiming they encountered enemies duplicating Skeleton Keys – an incredibly valuable ‘master key’ that can open more or less any door, cache or crate – and Advanced UAVs.

Players who knowingly carry out the exploit – and use it to benefit them in matches – will likely face bans under Activision’s terms of service that are designed to inhibit players from exploiting game mechanics to give them advantages. Every player agreed to the terms before they were able to play one of Warzone’s modes.

At the time of writing, the developers have not responded to the most recent iteration of the duplication glitch but, given its seriousness, we do hope to see a patch in the coming days. Failing that, it could come with Season 5 of MW2 and Warzone, which is scheduled to drop on or around 2 August.

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