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Can You Game Share MW3 Across Accounts? Answered

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Modern Warfare 3 has finally been released, but it has been subject to some controversy surrounding its worth. It carries a steep price tag, making many players wonder if they can game share MW3 across accounts. Let’s answer that.

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Can You Share MW3 Across Accounts?

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Fortunately, game share is available for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox and PlayStation. However, players on PC using Steam or Battlenet do not have access to this feature. Previously, the game share functionality was not working even on consoles, but it has since been activated after the full release of the game.

It should be noted that there is currently an issue many console players are experiencing, where additional accounts cannot access MW3. Until an official update that resolves this issue is released, there are a couple of current workarounds for this bug. Restart your console and try again to access the game from another account. Should this method fail, some have reported success after uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Many hoped to play MW3 via game share last week during the Campaign Early Access but were disappointed to find that this feature was unavailable. This, of course, sparked some concern that many would have to foot the excessive price tag of $70 in order to play a game that has largely repurposed old content. However, the unavailability of game share was only a result of the early access period being a pre-order bonus, which should understandably only be accessible by accounts that purchased this bonus. The ability to game share is good news, especially with the negative reception MW3 has been receiving.

That’s all we have on whether or not players Can Share MW3 Across Accounts. Be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite for more Call of Duty content, like our How to Pack a Punch guide and Best Assault Rifle Tier List.

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