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Can You Fix the Thinning the Herd Mission Bug in DMZ?

The Konni soldiers' disappearing act.

Konni Soldiers Not Showing Up in Al Mazrah
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Those who have activated the Thinning the Herd mission in DMZ may have trouble with the Konni soldiers, as multiple players have reported an issue with their spawns. More specifically, these individuals do not appear in the Al Mazrah map, prohibiting you from progressing further in the faction. We’re here to explain whether or not you can fix the Thinning the Herd bug in DMZ and what changes you can expect for this error.

DMZ ‘Konni Soldiers Al Mazrah’ Bug Resolution

To fix the Konni soldiers issue in Al Mazrah, you must install the Season 6 patch that has addressed the problem, as well as other known bugs. Players can check for an update and download it through their Call of Duty game file and then proceed to restart it for the improvement to work properly.

Once you’ve installed the update, you should be able to see the Konni soldiers on the map and complete the requirement for the Thinning the Herd quest. The Season 6 patch notes also indicate that other problem areas have been resolved, including an issue with melee weapons when starting a match in DMZ.

There’s still a few bugs that have not been fixed, but the developers continue to work on them to get the best possible experience for every player. You can keep track of the current progress via the Call of Duty Trello board, which covers DMZ, Warzone, and Modern Warfare.

Now that you know how to fix the Thinning the Herd bug, you can advance further in your faction and gain some new valuables. You can also explore the relevant links below for more DMZ content, including how to fix the Disarming Presence mission bug.

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