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Who Are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Release Date and Spoilers
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Shonen Jump and Tatsuki Fujimoto

Who Are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man? Answered

War, what is it good for?

From a very early stage, Chainsaw Man has not shied away from biblical implications, going so far as to even feature a lovable Angel Devil at one point. As we dive deeper into the Justice Devil arc, talk is running rampant about a certain group of beasts and their potential implications. Let’s get ahead of those rumors and explore who the Four Horsemen are in Chainsaw Man.

**Please note, there will be spoilers present up to the current chapter of Chainsaw Man, 122.**

What Are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man?

According to Revelation 6, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are a group of ethereal beings summoned to bring judgment upon the planet. They each arrive on horseback, representing an aspect that will cause the downfall of humanity; Death, Famine, War, and Conquest (sometimes Pestilence), respectively.

In the context of Chainsaw Man, the Four Horsemen are Devils of significant power who are even capable of remembering the names of fallen Devils who had been devoured and wiped from existence by Chainsaw Man.

Control Devil

As one might anticipate, each Devil is named in accordance with their biblical identities, though the form they take changes throughout the story. Makima was the most infamous among them as the Control Devil, paralleling the Conquest Devil up until her death and final fate. Currently, the Control Devil comes in the shape of Makima’s reincarnation, Nayuta.

War Devil

Yoru is, of course, the War Devil, the deuteragonist of the Justice Devil arc and the being possessing the body of Asa Mitaka. Interestingly enough, despite her status as a member of the Four Horsemen, she is much less fearsome than Makima or even Nayuta, who is able to control her mind on a whim. She has most recently noped out of the upcoming fight with a hideous Devil made up of dead bodies.

Famine Devil

The Famine Devil is presently posing as a high school student called Fami. As recently noted by Hirofumi Yoshida, her secret identity is not very well protected, considering the name she chose. She seems to be obsessed with Yoru, claiming her to be her little sister. Yoru does not treat the Famine Devil nearly as fondly.

Death Devil

The Death Devil remains at large at this stage of the manga. It has been mentioned in passing several times and has battled against both Makima and Pochita, but its identity is unknown. Considering the inevitability of death, and humanity’s subsequent fear of it, the sheer scope of its power will surely be something to behold.

This is everything we know about the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man. We hope this guide was a cut above the rest, and don’t forget to take a cheeky peek at more of our Chainsaw Man content down below.

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