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Romancelvania Is Truly Love at First Bite

Image Source: The Deep End Games

Romancelvania Is Truly Love at First Bite

Fangs for the memories.

Fans of dating simulators and Castlevania alike can now unite with the recent release of Romancelvania. This unique title has dropped and delivered a diverse cast of characters, an amusing premise, and fun gameplay. It revolves around a main character known as Drac whom players can choose to make either male or female. Gender and sexuality are unimportant in this sex-positive game, and humor takes the stage as each character delivers witty dialogue laced with jokes or innuendos. The familiar side-scrolling combat that players who have fought their way through older Castlevania titles will recognize, is there to keep you on your toes between your monster dates.

As a fun break from more serious gaming, Romancelvania draws on many features from different genres to create a dating simulator that players can jump into and come out of feeling as though they have not ever encountered another quite like it.

Romancelvania Gender

If you are tired of the lack of diversity in dating simulators, Romancelvania will leave you pleasantly surprised. It boasts a broad and pleasantly monstrous cast of all genders and dominance levels. Ever feel like dating a busty pumpkin whose lines will leave you laughing as you play? Romancelvania has that. How about an absolutely ripped dead pirate? Yeah, you can choose him. You can also express your sexuality in any which way with Romancelvania’s inclusivity of LGBT players. That diversity is open to all, whether that be players who choose female Drac and pursue female characters or otherwise.

While sexuality is a theme that runs rampant throughought the dialogue of Romancelvania, it is definitely not as graphic in its artistic content. The risque elements are tied to the characters and humor of the game itself rather than being more explicit or overdone as is the case in other dating simulators. It never feels as though it is thrown in your face.

Romancelvania Pumpkin

Between the monster dates, Drac engages in some side-scrolling combat reminiscent of the Castlevania series. Weapons are inspired by such titles as well but the combat itself can feel a bit boring at times. Thankfully, the half-and-half split in genre that Romancelvania offers helps to keep players more engaged. When it comes to comparing the fighting to the writing, it is clear that the latter wins in this game’s case. Exploration can be a bit all over the place and confusing, but it does not define the overall experience. As a title funded by fans pledging money to a small team of developers, it is impressive and a good step into a more light-hearted dating simulator experience.

There is no doubt that this game presents players with a unique dating experience with a diverse, inclusive cast. If you think that you want to sink your fangs into this new title, grab Romancelvania now on any console platform or on PC for $24.99. While you wait for Romancelvania to install, take a look below for some other indie-related content or head to Twinfinite’s home page for more gaming guides and news.

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