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Do Armin and Annie Get Married in Attack on Titan? Answered

Attack on Titan Armin and Annie.
Image Credit: MAPPA

Do Armin and Annie Get Married in Attack on Titan? Answered

Kiss, kiss, kiss, fall in love?

Attack on Titan is a series filled with numerous tragedies, yet romance still manages to bloom amid war. One of the most well-known romantic relationships in the story is between Eren and Mikasa, but Armin and Annie are somehow able to rise to popularity in the community. It does make one wonder if Annie and Armin eventually get married in Attack on Titan.

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of Attack on Titan***

Armin and Annie’s Romance in Attack on Titan

Unfortunately, Annie and Armin do not get married in Attack on Titan. The romance between the two characters develops quite late in the story, and the author only briefly touches upon it. In fact, it’s almost near the end when we eventually see some progress, with Annie talking to Armin about her time trapped in the crystal.

It is certainly a sweet moment if you can ignore the situation where Eren is massacring most of humankind. At least Armin can finally get a partner!

Although the two people are able to form a beginning of a romantic relationship during their time on the boat, Isayama does not share further details about their romance once they manage to stop Eren. The author is not that cruel, though, since he gives readers a scene where Armin and Annie hang around with other ex-titan wielders, plus Jean.

Armin and Annie during Attack on Titan's ending.
Image Credit: Hajime Isayama and Kodansha

Annie and Armin are back on a boat once again, but it’s not for their honeymoon. They are on a mission to return to Paradis Island as ambassadors of peace negotiations between the rest of the world and the Eldians.

Annie hesitates about visiting the island since she thinks the islanders won’t welcome them. On the other hand, Armin is optimistic about the situation because he believes everyone wants to understand the truth.

Hopefully, that answers your question about whether Annie and Armin get married in Attack on Titan. Twinfinite also has other articles about this series, so be sure to check them out!

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