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How To Unlock Maddox Assault Rifle In COD Mobile Season 2 (2023)

Call of Duty Mobile
Image source: Activision

How To Unlock Maddox Assault Rifle In COD Mobile Season 2 (2023)

A new assault rifle joins the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 (2023) is rolling out on February 22 with a brand new assault rifle called Maddox. It is a fully automatic gun with a rapid firing speed, moderate recoil, and an extended magazine. Having been a fan favorite in Black Ops III, this famous assault rifle is now being added to the game’s weapons arsenal. Nevertheless, like other weapons, it will be initially locked in COD Mobile, requiring players to unlock it first. Therefore, here’s how to unlock the Maddox AR in COD Mobile Season 2 (2023).

Unlocking Maddox Assault Rifle In COD Mobile Season 2

COD Mobile Season 2 Heavy Metal
Image source: Activision

In order to acquire the Maddox assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 2 (2023), players must level up their Battle Pass to Tier 21. It’s important to note that this weapon is included in the free variant of the Battle Pass. Therefore, players don’t have to spend any real cash in order to unlock it.

Nonetheless, reaching Tier 21 is a daunting task, as players must amass a substantial amount of Battle Pass XP. To earn XP quickly, it’s recommended to complete daily missions and participate in seasonal challenges.

Maddox AR Stats & Loadout

Maddox AR Stats & Loadout
Image Source: Activision

Here are the base stats of the Maddox assault rifle:

  • Damage: 30
  • Fire Rate: 82
  • Accuracy: 59
  • Mobility: 89
  • Range: 48
  • Control: 52

Once you unlock the weapon, all you need to do is pair the it with the right attachments to yield the most out of it. Here’s our loadout recommendation:

  • Barrel: Echo Fire Mod
  • Underbarrel: Task Force Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Aim Assist Laser
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A
  • Stock: Agile Stock

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about unlocking COD Mobile’s Maddox assault rifle in Season 2 (2023). Before leaving, make sure to check out our other Call of Duty-related content.

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