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How To Get More Loadout Slots In Destiny 2 Lightfall

Guardian Rank 7 Loadout Unlock
Image Source: Screenshot via Bungie

How To Get More Loadout Slots In Destiny 2 Lightfall

By the end, you’ll be a veritable slot machine.

Guardian Ranks and the saved loadout system are two of the numerous quality of life updates to Destiny 2’s ecosystem that arrived with the release of the Lightfall expansion. From what Bungie explained, both are a way to make a more accessible and streamlined Destiny 2 experience in comparison to the old system, which many felt was confusing and off-putting. Regarding the saved loadout system however, there are six slots available right out of the gate. But unlocking the remaining four loadout slots is a bit less straightforward and is directly correlated to the Guardian Ranks. So, here is how to get the final four loadout slots in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Unlocking The Final Loadout Slots In Lightfall

Upon launching Lightfall, players will see there is a new node on the Director screen called “Journey.” Within there, you can find the previously mentioned Guardian Ranks. To unlock the final four slots for saved loadouts, Guardians will first need to reach the rank of Elite, AKA level seven. From there, they will have to complete the Flawless, Solo, and Legendary rank objective which is under the Lost Sector node. 

However, we do strongly urge players to wait until they’re at least power level 1800, since the objective is pretty cut and dry — complete a Legend Lost Sector solo without dying. For the blissfully unaware, think of a lost sector like clearing a base of enemy combatants. The good news is that returning players will likely be brought to level six automatically, to the rank of the aptly titled “veteran” rank. But, if you are new to the game — you are going to need to try and “earn your keep,” as they say. 

That’s all how to get more loadout slots in Lightfall. The addition of the feature is long overdue, as it has been requested for years from the Destiny 2 community and is hopefully another step in making the Destiny experience an easier franchise to jump into. We have a slew of additional Lightfall content on the site such as obtaining the character boost, with even more on the way such as how to unlock the Final Warning Exotic Sidearm.

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