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How Many Different Endings Does Hogwarts Legacy Have? Answered

How Many Endings Does Hogwarts Legacy Have? Answered
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How Many Different Endings Does Hogwarts Legacy Have? Answered

How will your story turn out?

While you create your character with their own story, Hogwarts Legacy still presents a prequel to the canonical story of Harry Potter. With that, players may be unsure of their choices’ effect on the ending result. A good way to gauge that would be if the game had more than one ending. So, here is everything you need to know regarding how many endings are in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Hogwarts Legacy Endings

Hogwarts Legacy has three total endings for players to achieve while playing through the game:

  • Good Ending
  • Evil Ending
  • True Ending

The first two boil down to Evil or Good and are accessed through a final choice that players will make regarding the Repository before the game’s final battle against Ranrok. Since it all just comes down to this choice, that does mean that all your previous choices don’t mean all that much, as this is the major decision that will decide the first ending of your story.

However, there is another ending that you can get regardless of your final choice.

How Do You Get the Secret Ending in Hogwarts Legacy

The third ending is what is known as the true or secret ending to the game, and it can be seen regardless of the previous choice, so you aren’t locked out of it even if you are on track to being the next Voldemort. This is unlocked by getting to Level 34 in Hogwarts Legacy.

As you might expect, this can only be done by earning experience in a manner of different ways outside of just completing the main questline, and it won’t be a quick completion to get to this level by any means. To be exact, you’ll need to finish all side quests, storylines, and puzzles to get to this ending.

With that checklist finished, you’ll now have access to the remaining House Cup storyline missions which will end in a new scene showing you the intended ending. Truth be told, this really isn’t much in the way of a “secret” or “true” ending, as it doesn’t provide you with much more than a cutscene that you could probably see on Youtube.

Still, those that put in the hard work to get there, especially achievement and trophy hunters, or anyone who just loves Harry Potter will enjoy seeing this third and hidden end to the game.

This is everything you need to know about how many endings are in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are looking for any other guides and content, take a look at the links below.

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