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All Atomic Heart Trophies and Achievements

Atomic Heart trophies
Image Source: Mundfish

All Atomic Heart Trophies and Achievements

Arm yourselves, trophy hunters!

If you’re picking up Mundfish and Focus Entertainment’s alternate history FPS Atomic Heart, it’s always nice to plan out your playthrough, especially if you’re aiming to go for a 100 percent completion rate. To save you some time, we’ve compiled the full list of virtual knick-knacks you can unlock for your reading pleasure. So, without further delay, here are all the Atomic Heart trophies and achievements. Let’s go!

Atomic Heart Achievement and Trophy List

In total, there are 42 trophies, including the platinum trophy. Interestingly, there are no secret or hidden trophies in the game. Of course, fair warning, there may be some *minor story spoilers* hidden below. Here’s the full list of trophies and achievements in Atomic Heart:

Trophy/ Achievement NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity
Hands on the HoodHit 20 enemies by a carBronze
Triple PenetrationKill 3 or more enemies with a single Railgun shotBronze
Alcoholics AnonymousGet drunk with vodka and kill 5 enemiesBronze
Bull’s Eye!Use Telekinesis to throw an object and knock down an OwlBronze
Assimilation Procedure InterruptedDon’t let a sprout grow into a mutantBronze
Below ZeroFreeze a Vova mid-airBronze
HotheadMake 25 aimed headshots from Makarov pistolBronze
AvatarKill 10 burning enemies, 10 electrified enemies, and 10 frozen enemiesBronze
ScannerScan all mobsBronze
Clean-upComplete all testing groundsGold
ExplorerFind a testing groundBronze
More Than ProfitFind all LootyaginsSilver
Burning EarsFind all ChirpersGold
The NecromancerTalk to every deadSilver
Beast FriendFind all talking dead animalsSilver
How Can I Help You?Use a phone booth at ChelomeyBronze
Lefthand MasteryFully upgrade one skill treeBronze
The Great InventorUpgrade a weapon to the maximum levelBronze
Apple PiePick all apples in LimboBronze
PolymerizationCollect 100 jellySilver
ChemistCraft consumable of all typesBronze
Lord of WarCollect all weaponsSilver
Weapon MasterCreate five types of weaponsBronze
ArtisanCreate a weapon in a crafting machineBronze
Atomic HeartComplete the game in Hardcore modeGold
Kommunism 2.0Find out the AoC’s secretBronze
Freedom ReflexExplore PavlovBronze
Medical CheckupGet to a hospitalBronze
CurtainFinish a theater performanceBronze
Quite an AchievementClear the VDNH complexBronze
Tickets, Please!Take a train at the Lasnaya Maglev train stationBronze
Pistils and StamensGet out of VavilovBronze
Happy Polymerization Day!Fly out of ChelomeyBronze
Chop Chop ChopKill Belyash with a melee weaponSilver
Murderous BeautyKill TwinsSilver
Dew PointKill DewdropBronze
Show’s OverKill NatashaBronze
Plyusch RushKill PlyuschBronze
Make It Go RoundKill HedgieBronze
Medium RareKill BelyashBronze
StrikeKill Hedgie without making a single shot / destroy all statuesSilver
The Motherland Does Not Forget its HeroesUnlock all trophiesPlatinum

So, what do you know: That’s everything you need to know about all the trophies and achievements in Atomic Heart. For more, feel free to take a gander at the links below. And as always, keep it locked at Twinfinite for more tips and tricks.

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