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Who Is Winning Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus? Current Standings

OW2' Battle For Olympus

Who Is Winning Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus? Current Standings

Here’s who’s currently in the lead to receive a statue on Ilios.

Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus event kicked off on Jan. 5, 2023 and is set to run until Jan. 19, bringing several new Hero skins and a limited time game mode called Battle For Olympus. In this mode, you’re able to play a Free-For-All style Deathmatch as several familiar characters equipped with brand new abilities inspired by Greek Mythology. Blizzard has also promised that the Hero with the most final blows in Battle For Olympus will receive their very own stone statue across all three Ilios maps, and with the event now more than halfway done, you might be asking: Who is winning Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus?

Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Leaderboard & Current Standings

Overwatch took to Twitter to post their own update on the event, revealing a leaderboard that shows off the position of each character and where they stand in the current rankings toward earning a statue on Ilios. As of Jan 13, Junker Queen is in the Hero in the lead, with 34,465,093 final blows.

Following closely behind is Pharah in second place, with 32,579,481 final blows, and Roadhog in third place, with 25,887,501 final blows. However, there’s still several days left for the other heroes to climb the ranks, so jump in for some fun to help your choice of Hero get one step closer to achieving that statue.

Here’s a glimpse at the full leaderboard posted by the Overwatch team on Twitter:

That’s everything you need to know about who is winning Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus. For more helpful lists and news related to the game, check out our related articles down below. We have plenty more Overwatch guides to help you jump into the role of a hero too, such as ones on the 10 best custom name codes, all the new skins in Overwatch 2 Season 2, and how to get Moira’s Masked Dancer skin and Roaring Lion Victory Pose.

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