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Release Date & Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 118

Release Date & Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 118
Image Source: Tatsuki Fujimoto and Shonen Jump+ via Viz Media

Release Date & Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 118

Things are heating up for Denji.

Chainsaw Man’s Part 2 Academy Saga arc is heating up, and a huge cliffhanger was left over from chapter 117. Asa is certainly prepared to spice up the story even more with the upcoming chapter. We’ve got the release date and story spoilers for chapter 118 of the Chainsaw Man manga if you can’t wait.

When Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Come Out? Answered

The 118th chapter of Chainsaw Man will be available through the Viz Media site on Jan. 17 at 10 AM ET. Seeing as this site allows anyone to read the last three chapters even without an account, chapters 115 to 117 are currently available. If you need a story refresher when Jan. 17 comes around, you can reread a couple of the previous chapters at your leisure.

Alternatively, Shueisha’s Manga Plus app is available for mobile users.

Are There Spoilers Available for Chainsaw Man Chapter 118?

There are currently no spoilers available for where the cliffhanger from chapter 117 will go. Eager readers will simply have to wait until Jan. 17 and read the new chapter for free on the website.

Chapter 117 left off with Asa and Denji escaping the repeat of the Eternity Devil Arc, which had stranded them in an endless aquarium. In the last two pages, Yoru took control of Asa and intoned the right power to create a “Denji Spinal Cord Sword.” It’s possible that the War Devil’s powers may not affect Denji, but they previously worked on the Justice Devil, which means anything could happen.

Things will all be revealed a week from the time of writing. For now, that’s everything there is to know about the release date and spoilers for Chainsaw Man chapter 118. The series is set to get a spin-off light novel this Summer titled Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories.

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