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How To Make Sand in Little Alchemy

How To Make Sand in Little Alchemy
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How To Make Sand in Little Alchemy

It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Little Alchemy features numerous elements and materials from complicated concepts like time, to the simplest like sand. However, even sand has its uses—quite a few as it turns out. Fill out your encyclopedia by learning how to make sand in Little Alchemy.

How To Craft Sand in Little Alchemy

Among the variety of elements that you can make in Little Alchemy, Sand is among the easiest materials to craft. With just a few little steps, you can have as much Sand as you want. Let’s get started by:

  1. Mixing together Earth and Fire to make Lava.

  2. Cool that Lava by combining it with Air to make Stone.

  3. Now erode away the Stone with more Air to create Sand.

All Crafting Recipes That Require Sand in Little Alchemy

Now that you have a beautiful pile of sand, what can you actually do with it? A lot, it seems, as Sand is the base for a multitude of new elements. Here is every crafting recipe in Little Alchemy that needs Sand:

  • Sand + Ocean or Sea or Water = Beach
  • Sand + Plant = Cactus
  • Sand + Mud = Clay
  • Sand + Cactus or Sand = Desert
  • Sand + Wind = Dune
  • Sand + Electricity or Fire = Glass
  • Sand + Glass = Hourglass
  • Sand + Bird = Ostrich
  • Sand + Swamp = Quicksand
  • Sand + Castle = Sand Castle
  • Sand + Paper = Sandpaper
  • Sand + Stone = Sandstone
  • Sand + Storm or Hurricane or Energy = Sandstorm
  • Sand + Wild Animal = Scorpion
  • Sand + Glass = Time
  • Sand + Egg = Turtle

And with that, you have everything you need to know on how to make sand in Little Alchemy. For more related content, check out our latest guides on Little Alchemy 2, such as how to make a Nerd. We also have the details on how to make a God.

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