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How To Change Difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage

How To Change Difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage

Here’s how to change difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest spin-off game in the Fire Emblem franchise, focusing on a brand new protagonist and setting with the addition of familiar fan favorites as supporting side characters. The tactical turn-based RPG has multiple difficulty options, so you may be wondering how you can change this setting to suit your gameplay preference. Look no further; we’ve got all you need to know. Here’s everything you need to know about how to change the difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage.

All Difficulty Settings in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has three different difficulty levels to choose from when playing through the game. These difficulties are Normal, Hard, and Lunatic and can be changed at any time throughout your playthrough.

Normal mode is the easiest experience within the game and is best suited to new players to ease them into the franchise.

Hard mode is a step up, increasing the game’s difficulty significantly, and is suited to veteran Fire Emblem players. Here, players will take more damage from enemies and so you’ll need to be more tactical when it comes to the units you’re using.

Lunatic sets the bar even higher and is set to test players’ skill with increased enemy numbers and damage, meaning strategy and gameplay tactics are crucial.

These settings may only be altered after you select your initial difficulty level during the setup of a new game. After choosing the difficulty you’d like to start the game on, you may only lower it going forward. To make the game harder, you must start a new game.

Where & How To Change Difficulty Level in Fire Emblem Engage

To change the difficulty level in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll need to head to your room in Somniel and locate the bed. By interacting with the bed and accessing the settings menu, you will be able to select the option to change the game’s difficulty, allowing you to alter the levels of gameplay to suit you as you wish.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage. For more helpful gameplay guides, news, and lists, check out the rest of our content at Twinfinite. We have a variety of Fire Emblem topics to keep you updated on all news about the franchise and help you navigate any obstacles during your adventure in the world of Elyos, so feel free to scroll down below and have a look for yourself.

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