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How to Remove Symbols in Luck be a Landlord

Luck be a Landlord Removal Token
Image Source: TrampolineTales

How to Remove Symbols in Luck be a Landlord

Trying to clear space on your slot machine for those S-tier symbols? Here’s how.

Luck be a Landlord has officially moved out of early access and into full release. The addictive roguelike deckbuilder that pits you against the slings and arrows of capitalism with nothing but a slot machine to pay your rent, has an intimidating number of symbols to add to your money-making machine. 152 to be exact.

While accruing new items is crucial to getting your rent paid in the early stages, as you get further into the game it becomes essential to remove some to make way for others and maximize your symbols’ interactions. But how exactly do you remove symbols?

The Removal Token, Explained

Symbols can be removed using Removal Tokens, which allow you to get rid of a symbol of your choosing from your inventory, leaving an Empty in its place on the slot machine. Removal Tokens function as a side currency and show up above your Coin count along the lower left side of the screen.

To use the handy space-clearing mechanic that looks — for lack of a better phrase — like the very black void of capitalism itself, click on its icon in the lower left (this will only appear if you have one or more Removal Tokens in your possession). The game will bring up a “removal prompt” listing all your current symbols and items. From there it is a simple click on the item/symbol you wish to remove.

Image Source: TrampolineTales

How to Get Removal Tokens

Getting Removal Tokens comes in three forms: progression, symbol-granted, and item-effects. As rent cycles pass by, your pesky landlord sends you an email reminding you of your rent’s cost and due date. Every other cycle, [email protected] will send you an email of solidarity, offering you 2 Reroll Tokens, 2 Essence Tokens, and 2 Removal Tokens. This gift, however, is cut in half playing on floor 4 and above.

Image Source: TrampolineTales

Only two symbols grant a Removal Token, both at the cost of their own deletion from your slot machine. The Removal Capsule and the Jellyfish both drop a token when they are destroyed/removed, respectively. The former destroys itself automatically, while the latter must be removed (and not destroyed) to yield a token.

Finally, there are 7 items that give the player Removal Tokens. The Cardboard Box grants 1 token every 9 spins, while the Sunglasses gives 1 token every spin if you have at least 4 tokens already in your inventory. The Small Symbol Bomb Essence, Big Symbol Bomb Essence, Cardboard Box Essence, Very Big Symbol Bomb Essence, and the Sunglasses Essence all drop tokens upon being destroyed.

That’s everything you need to know about how to remove symbols in Luck be a Landlord. The game is currently available on Steam. Be sure to check out our guide on how many floors are in Luck be a Landlord, or our other gaming guides like how to get the Taken King Iron Banner Armor in Destiny 2, or how to earn the Hard Charger speed skill in Forza Horizon 5.

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