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Every Destiny 2 Title, Ranked From Easiest to Hardest To Get


Every Destiny 2 Title, Ranked From Easiest to Hardest To Get

Do you have what it takes to earn them all?

Titles in Destiny 2 have become an extensive endgame grind over the years. Some are really easy to obtain with a little effort, while others can be desk-smashing difficult. So today, let’s rank every Destiny 2 Title ranked from easiest to hardest to obtain.

***This list does not include Sunset Titles that can no longer be obtained.***

19. Deadeye

Destiny 2
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The Deadeye Title is a cumulation of your gun skills put to the test. You’ll need to secure hundreds of kills with each weapon type, as well as defeat certain enemies throughout the game. It’s probably the easiest Title to obtain on paper, but it will still take some time to earn in full.

That said, all you need to do is to get a bunch of kills with every weapon in the game, and that’s it. In practice, this should only take a few hours to earn over at Shuro Chi with infinite taken Thrall to kill.

18. Dredgen

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Becoming a Dredgen is probably one of the easiest tasks to do in Destiny 2. Essentially, you just need to play a lot of Gambit. Dunking motes, defeating bosses, and killing other Guardians, all of which you naturally do while playing the game mode.

With a team of other Guardians helping you, you could probably complete this Title after a few hours. Amongst all of the Titles in the game, Dredgen is the most commonly earned by a whopping 40%.

17. Vidmaster

Destiny 2
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When the 30th anniversary of Bungie occurred in late 2021, Destiny 2 got some brand new events along with it, Dares of Eternity and the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon. Included in this bundle was the Vidmaster Title, where you needed to play Dares of Eternity a ton to complete some of its triumphs.

When you sit down and put your mind to it, this Title isn’t too challenging to earn, and you even get some cool Exotics on the grind like Gjallarhorn.

16. Destination Titles (Cursebreaker, Harbinger, Splintered, Gumshoe)

Destiny 2
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Similarly to the ones before, the Destination Titles, Cursebreaker, Harbinger, Splintered, and Gumshoe are essentially all “busy work” to obtain. Each Title requires you to traverse through each destination, the Dreaming City, the Moon, Europa, and the Throne World, and do various activities throughout.

All of these Titles are also time-gated in some shape or fashion, so even if you work on them at the same time, it’ll still be a while before you complete them all. That said, these aren’t difficult Titles to require, as all you need is to do a little exploring, and you’ll knock out each triumph for them one by one.

15. Seasonal Titles (Risen, Reaper, Scallywag, Seraph)

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Seasonal Titles all end up being the same in some shape or fashion. Each of them is time-gated until the mid-way point of each Season, and they all task you to complete the new seasonal activities numerous times.

For the most part, you’re better off waiting until the mid-way point to thoroughly grind it out, as by then, you’ll have everything unlocked and ready to go. These Titles are by no means challenging to obtain; they involve you doing some “busy work” to show you played the Season.

14. Moments of Triumph

Captain Avarokk The Covetous boss fight, Grasp of Avarice Dungeon
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Another case of “busy work” the Title; each year, a new Moments of Triumph Title is available for players to earn. For example, in the Season of the Seraph, the Moments of Triumph Title is called MMXXII.

In order to claim it, you’ll need to complete various activities and tasks throughout the game. Examples would be completing the Vow of the Disciple Raid or completing 50 Bounties.

13. Iron Lord

Destiny 2 Iron banner Armor
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In Season of the Plunder, Lord Saladin introduced a brand new title for Guardians to earn called Iron Lord. In short, you need to play a fair amount of Iron Banner in order to acquire it. None of the tasks required for it are too daunting, but the progression rate of each triumph is pretty slow, so you won’t be able to earn it within an hour or two.

That said, by wearing Iron Banner-themed gear, such as Ornaments and Emblems, you can increase the amount of reputation you earn, which definitely helps speed up the process. If you were to sit down and really put your mind to it, and perhaps group up with other Guardians, you could claim this title within 6-8 hours of playing.

Not to worry, though, as the progress you make each season carries over into the next, so even if you don’t claim it this season, you can still earn it in the following with minimal effort.

12. Glorious

Destiny 2
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Lord Shaxx has a new PvP Title for Guardians to earn in the Season of the Seraph called Glorious. Thankfully it is easier than the previous PvP Title, Unbroken, was to obtain. That said, the most “difficult” part of the grind for it will be to reach Platinum rank in competitive PvP. For some, this isn’t a hard task at all, and with a few hours of playing, you could knock this out pretty easily.

On the other hand, many players need help in competitive modes, so it may take some time before finally earning platinum. Ultimately, it simply comes down to how good you are at PvP. You can increase your chances of winning matches by playing with other Guardians, preferably ones that are good at PvP.

11. Reveler

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To earn the Reveler Title, you need to earn all four of the Holiday Titles, Star Baker, Ghost Writer, Flamekeeper, and the unannounced Title for the Guardian Games event. Earning each of these Titles individually is a manageable task, as already discussed.

However, acquiring all four of them still requires some work, and unfortunately, if you miss even one of these events, you’ll need to wait until the following year for the event to return to claim its Title. For example, if you weren’t able to get the Ghost Writer Title during the Festival of the Lost, you’ll need to wait until it returns the following year to try and earn it again.

10. Wanted

Destiny 2
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Breaking in the top 10 is the latest Dungeon in Destiny 2, Spire of the Watcher. This new Dungeon has Guardians embrace the wild west as they venture into a Rasputin Vault to stop the Vex from taking over it. Like all Dungeons, completing each challenge needed for the Title, Wanted, isn’t a terrible experience. However, you need to complete each encounter within the Dungeon solo in order to fully become “Wanted.”

That said, what sets this Dungeon apart from the rest is its two bosses, Akelous the Harpy and Perses the Wyvern. Akelous isn’t a “tough” fight, but it has an immense health pool that will take multiple phases to take down.

Perses, on the other hand, is an incredibly annoying boss to fight, as it doesn’t have a crit spot, making snipers and linear fusion rifles worthless. You’ll need other weapons, like a rocket, to take this boss down and earn the Wanted Title.

9. Discerptor

Destiny 2
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The Duality Dungeon has you swap back and forth between reality and the nightmare realm in order to reveal Calus’s true intentions. You can definitely argue which Dungeon is more difficult from a three-man perspective, however, there is no argument when it comes to the solo experience.

One of the challenges required for the Discerptor Title is to complete all encounters in the Duality Dungeon solo. The first boss, Ghalran, is one of the only “melee” based bosses in the game, so damaging him by conventional means isn’t going to work.

Ghalran alone has prevented many players from completing the Dungeon by themself, and that doesn’t even include the rest of the encounters. Discerptor is easily the most difficult Dungeon Title to earn in the game currently.

8. Conqueror

Destiny 2
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Grandmaster Nightfalls (GMs) roll around during the mid-way point of each season, and with them comes the Conqueror Title. To earn Conqueror, you only need to complete each featured GM once. Simple right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Each GM sets you at 25 power below the level of the GM itself. For example, if the GM is set at 1600 power, then even if you are 1590 power, the GM will automatically put you at 1575.

On top of that, each GM is different, as each strike features different enemies and Champions to defeat, forcing you and your fire team to change strategies each time. Some GMs are easier than others, while some are arguably the most challenging activity in the game (cough cough Lightblade). That said, most of them can be completed with relative ease if you play the game consistently.

7. Descendant

Destiny 2
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Raids in Destiny 2 are simply in a league of their own in terms of difficulty. You need to remember an abundance of mechanics while ensuring you have the best gear. The Deep Stone Crypt Raid is considered the easiest Raid in Destiny 2, but that isn’t to say that anyone can complete and earn its exclusive Title, Descendant.

That said, with the right gear and some practice, this Raid can be conquered with relative ease. However, it features a handful of tricky challenges, some of which still give players a lot of trouble. Completing all of these challenges will earn you the exclusive Deep Stone Crypt Title, Descendant.

6. Enlightened

Destiny 2
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

The Garden of Salvation Raid features multiple mechanics throughout the activity that can be quite the learning curve for some players. With some practice, this Raid isn’t too difficult to master. However, two of its exclusive challenges, Stop Hitting Yourself and Repulsion Theory, stand between you and the Enlightened Title.

Similarly to other Raids, these challenges are simple on paper; however, executing them is incredibly difficult without proper coordination. The final boss of the Raid, The Sanctified Mind, is also very annoying to fight, as it only has one small area on its body where players can damage it. Due to this small “crit” spot, this boss renders a lot of weapons useless, requiring you to use specific loadouts to defeat it.

5. Fatebreaker

Destiny 2
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It’s an understatement to say players were not ready for the re-vamped Vault of Glass Raid to return in Destiny 2. Not only did some mechanics of the Raid changed to compete with the new sandbox, but the exclusive challenges throughout each encounter were mind-boggling.

Similarly to another boss on this list, the Templar was the biggest hurdle to earning the brand new Fatebreaker Title. You were required to stun the boss in a certain while slowly chipping away at its massive health pool; for many players, this was an impossible task.

However, those powerful enough to not only complete this, as well as the rest of the challenges throughout the Raid, then they would rightfully become Fatebreakers.

4. Flawless

Destiny 2
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There’s no other Title in the game that essentially tells you to “Get Good” as the Flawless Title does. Not only must you win seven matches in a row in Trials of Osiris on multiple passages, but you must also carry someone else, who’s never been Flawless before, to the Lighthouse. This is PvP at its most competitive and complex, so make sure to grab the best gear to use ahead of time.

To this day, a very small portion of the Destiny 2 player base has this Title, as only the elite PvP players have the right to earn it. Gilding the Title is an even harder process as you need to carry more people to the Lighthouse each time.

3. Disciple-Slayer

Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple
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The Vow of the Disciple Raid stunned the Destiny 2 player base in difficulty and amazement. It has excellent loot, a cool Exotic Pulse Rifle, and an awesome Title known as Disciple-Slayer. However, earning this Title proved far more complex than players had initially anticipated.

While each challenge was relatively easy to complete on paper, executing them in the game was a much different story, as three out of the four challenges for each encounter required precise timing from everyone.

This was especially apparent in the second and third encounters of the raid, where each challenge needed you to be precise, or you wiped with minimal room for failure. When the team finally got their rhythm down, the Title was theirs to claim.

2. Kingslayer

Oryx the Taken King
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Destiny 1 players were anxiously awaiting the return of the Taken King, Oryx, and the King’s Fall Raid into Destiny 2, and when it did, it didn’t disappoint. The Raid received some new upgrades, and it got a brand new Title, Kingslayer. Kingslayer requires you to complete 21 different challenges throughout the Raid, some of which are very straightforward.

However, the biggest challenge of the Raid isn’t Oryx himself, but instead the first boss you fight, the Warpriest. His exclusive challenge, Devious Thievery, requires players to kill Taken Knights and swap buffs between one another within seconds.

Not only is this challenge difficult to manage timing-wise, but the Warpriest has an immense health pool requiring players to have the best DPS weapons in the game in order to defeat him. If you can somehow defeat him and complete his challenge, the rest of the Title isn’t too difficult to earn.

1. Rivensbane

Destiny 2 Last Wish
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Last but certainly not least, the Last Wish Raid Title, Rivensbane. The Last Wish Raid is easily one of the most challenging activities to do in the game, even after four years since its release in late 2018. From having six total encounters, the most in any Raid currently, to having arguably the most complex and challenging boss fight in the game, the Last Wish Raid is meant for the truly elite to conquer.

However, what sets this Title apart from the rest is the requirement of completing a Petra’s Run. A Petra’s Run is simply a flawless completion of the Raid, where you and the rest of your fire team cannot die once throughout it.

Otherwise, you immediately get sent back to Orbit to try again. Out of all the Raids in the game currently, this is the only one that requires a flawless completion to earn the title, and that alone makes it the hardest of them all.

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