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Does Dead Space Remake Have Ray Tracing? Answered

Does Dead Space Remake Have Ray Tracing? Answered
Image Source: EA

Does Dead Space Remake Have Ray Tracing? Answered

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After much time floating in the darkest corners of space, Motive Studio threw the Dead Space series a lifeline with a remake looking to reignite the horrors of space. While the remake has largely been faithful to the original title, there are quite a few noticeable differences that bring the series up to speed, especially in the tech department. It looks incredible, but does it have ray tracing? Here’s what you need to know on whether or not ray tracing is in the Dead Space remake.

Is There Ray Tracing in the Dead Space Remake?

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Image Source: EA

For those unaware, ray tracing is an enhanced graphical setting that adds an extra layer of realism to a game by mirroring a more realistic lighting pattern. Not every game includes this feature, but to answer the question, yes, there is ray tracing in the Dead Space remake. However, there is a catch.

On console, the Dead Space Remake offers two different graphics modes: Fidelity or Performance. Ray tracing is only available on the Fidelity mode, but it trades off the higher FPS the Performance mode can take advantage of, bringing your frames down to around 30 vs. 60. On the Xbox Series S, ray tracing is not available, meaning this platform will only run at 1440p.

Conversely, ray tracing is present for PC players, but it does hit your performance a bit harder, as your rig will try its best to give you the ultimate experience.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not the Dead Space remake has ray tracing or not. Below, you’ll find plenty of related content to help you in your journey aboard the USG Ishimura.

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