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Does Dead Space Remake Have Denuvo? Answered

Does Dead Space Remake Have Denuvo? Answered
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Does Dead Space Remake Have Denuvo? Answered

Is there something even scarier lurking within the game’s programming?

It’s not uncommon these days for video games to have anti-piracy and anti-cheat technology, and Dead Space Remake is no different. One especially notorious piece of anti-piracy tech is Denuvo, and while a bit of protection is fine, Denuvo is particularly controversial for a number of reasons. This has gamers wondering: Does Dead Space Remake have Denuvo, or does it utilize a different means of preventing piracy?

Does Dead Space Remake Use Denuvo? Answered

Unfortunately, yes, Dead Space Remake does feature Denuvo on both the Steam version and the EA version.

However, there is a difference between the two versions. While both have Denuvo, the Steam version doesn’t feature any EA DRM, nor is the EA app required to play the game. In that sense, the Steam version is still the superior version, but only by a small margin.

Sadly, even without the EA DRM, Denuvo may still be a problem for some users. It’s not uncommon for titles to have anti-piracy and anti-cheat technology, which is what Denuvo is, but many are just surface-level protection. Denuvo, however, goes much, much deeper than that.

What makes Denuvo so notorious in the gaming community is the software’s kernel-level drivers, giving it full access and privileges to the PC. You can guess how much that fires up gamers. Additionally, PC users have singled out Denuvo as allegedly causing performance issues with titles in the past such as AC: Origins. These issues can even result in permanent damage to a computer’s SSD, severely reducing its lifespan.

So, again, yes, Dead Space Remake does have Denuvo. Is it something worth missing out on Dead Space Remake? That’s up to you to decide. Many take a hard stance against such deep-level anti-tampering. For more related content, you’ll find loads of content here on Twinfinite down below.

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