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Does Dead Space Remake Have Cheat Codes? Answered

Does Dead Space Remake Have Cheat Codes? Answered
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Does Dead Space Remake Have Cheat Codes? Answered

A feature of a bygone era.

In this day and age, it seems cheat codes have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Few if any titles feature an option to use them, which is a shame seeing as how they were a fun way to mess around with the game, especially on consoles where console commands were typically unavailable. Some do still carry the feature from time to time, and given the original Dead Space had Cheats that offers special bonuses, you might be wondering: Does the Dead Space Remake have cheat codes?

Are There Cheat Codes for Dead Space Remake? Answered

Sadly, no, Dead Space Remake doesn’t have any in-game cheat codes to use. Not even the cheat codes from the original game work in Dead Space Remake, so you’re stuck facing necromorphs with nothing but your skill and wit.

It’s definitely a bit of a bummer. In the original Dead Space, cheat codes were a great way to start off the game, especially on the hardest difficulty where resources were most scarce. Since most of the cheat codes were also limited to one-time uses, it didn’t give you a huge advantage or unbalance the game too much. There were eight altogether: Four of which gave you 18000 Credits in total; two codes that gave you seven Nodes in total; and the remaining two could refill your oxygen and Statis Energy, which could both be used infinitely.

While Dead Space Remake doesn’t have any of these, it does have New Game Plus. Through it, your weapons, upgrades, and Credits will transfer over, in addition to some rewards for unlocking the mode. That’s about as close as you’re going to get to some hidden bonuses though.

Hopefully this cleared up whether or not there are cheat codes in Dead Space Remake. If you’re hoping to survive a little longer, it’s best you search every nook and cranny. We’ve got a variety of other guides and articles which can help you in that endeavor, and you can find them down below.

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