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Top 15 Best Free Fortnite Wallpapers

Best Free Fortnite Wallpapers

Top 15 Best Free Fortnite Wallpapers

Check out these awesome Fortnite freebies.

Fortnite is the biggest gaming sensation in recent memory, having made several appearances in a number of mainstream news outlets. It seems that everyone and their mother are playing this battle royale game and for a good reason – it’s pretty damn fun. If you’ve got Fortnite on the brain, what better way to celebrate your love for it than with an awesome wallpaper for your desktop. We’ve compiled the best free Fortnite wallpapers – no V-Bucks required!

For the patriotic Fortnite player. Download
Celebrate that victory royale in style. Download

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A nice minimalist wallpaper of a terrifying, cuddly bear. Download
Jawesome. Download
It’s your birthday every day when you have this wallpaper. Download
All that’s left to do now is pull the trigger. Download
We can’t guarantee that using this wallpaper will make you any better at rocket surfing. Download
The race to the cornucopia. Download
A wallpaper commemorating one of the greatest Fortnite crossovers. Download
This wallpaper is a beautiful example of Fortnite’s eccentric character design. Download
fortnite wallpapers, best
A classic piece of keyart. Download
fortnite wallpapers, best
The view looks nice from up there. I’m sure she’s not just there for the pretty view, though. Download
fortnite wallpapers, best
One of the coolest pieces of keyart in Fortnite history. If you’re about to be taken out by the storm, you might as well go out in style. Download
fortnite wallpapers, best
This is the pose of a man determined to nab himself a victory royale. You can tell that this badass is heading straight for Tilted Towers. Download.
fortnite wallpapers, best
This is a good wallpaper to have if you want to learn the layout of the land. Well, the half that hasn’t been engulfed by the storm, anyway. Download
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