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All Schematics & Locations in Dead Space Remake

Dead-Space Remake, all schematics
Image source: EA

All Schematics & Locations in Dead Space Remake

All Schematics locations listed!

Looking to purchase upgrades for Isaac, such as a new suit, in the Dead Space Remake? You’ll need to find the matching Schematics first, as most upgrades require them. Finding all the Schematics scattered throughout the Ishimura can be tough, especially if you’re new to the game. With that said, here’s a list of all Schematic locations for powerful upgrades for Isaac.

All Schematic Locations in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake has 13 Schematics in total, and finding all of them will lead you to the Merchant trophy.

Schematic NumberSchematic NameLocationChapter
1Pulse RoundsThe Pulse Rounds Schematic can be found upon entering the Coolant Pipelines.Intensive Care
2Stasis PackThe Main Lab Changing Room, to the left of Dr. Brennan’s office, holds the Stasis Pack Schematic.Intensive Care
3Medium Med PackThe Medium Med Pack Schematics can be found in a locker in the next room after exiting the Decontamination Room quarantine.Course Correction
4Ripper BladesFind the Ripper Blades on a box in the open room near the second elevator after taking the first elevator down.Course Correction
5Flamethrower FuelIn the Engine Room, the schematic can be found next to the Primary Engine panel that requires activation.Course Correction
6Intermediate Engineer RigThe Intermediate Engineer Rig Schematic can be found in the EVA Prep Room to the right while heading to the ADS Cannons.Obliteration Imminent
7Line RacksFrom the Observation Room, go through the next door instead of taking the elevator. On the right is Dr. B. Warwick’s office, which requires Security Clearance Level 2. Finally, collect the schematic from the Desk.Lethal Devotion
8Force EnergyForce Energy is located within the Air Filtration Tower, between the first and second electricity traps, which must be slowed down using Stasis.Environmental Hazard
9Contact EnergyTo obtain the Contact Energy schematic, enter Deck B: Processing and defeat the Necromorph swarm. Then, look for a locked room with the schematic on a table. Access it by shooting the locks on the broken window.Into the Void
10Intermediate Miner RigThe Equipment Workshop boasts the Intermediate Miner Rig Schematic, located on a desk across from the SOS Beacon.Into the Void
11Oxygen TankThe Oxygen Tank schematic is in the Refueling Control Stations on Floor 4, which requires Security Clearance Level 2 to access.Search and Rescue
12Large Med PackInside the entrance of the Infirmary.Dead on Arrival 
13Advanced Engineering RigThe Advanced Engineering Rig schematic is located in the Standard Bathrooms of the Crew Quarters.End of Days

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about finding all schematics in Dead Space RemakeBe sure to check out the rest of our Dead Space Remake coverage below.

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