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All The Dawning Event Challenges & Rewards in Destiny 2 (2022)


All The Dawning Event Challenges & Rewards in Destiny 2 (2022)

Here’s a full breakdown of this year’s Dawning event, from challenges to rewards.

Guardians, The Dawning has returned. This year’s Dawning follows the tried and true formula of completing various challenges to gain rewards and spreading holiday cheer amongst the Destiny ecosystem. As for the challenges and rewards, here’s a full breakdown of all The Dawning Event challenges and rewards in Destiny 2.

Every Challenge in Destiny 2 Dawning (2022)

This year’s Dawning Event brings a total of 16 challenges to keep you busy. They can be earned relatively easily as long as you experiment with different loadouts and partipcate in a variety of modes. Completing all 16 challenges grants the Star Baker title.

Here are the 16 challenges along with the requirements to complete them:

  • Dawn of the Dawning: Complete the Dawning introduction quests, “Bake a Cookie” and “Give Zavala a Gift”.
  • Amateur Baker: Bake 6 cookies.
  • Adept Baker: Bake 13 cookies.
  • Expert Baker: Bake 20 cookies.
  • Shopping Spree: Purchase all 12 Dawning upgrades from Eva with Dawning Spirit.
  • Snowball Ops: Defeat 100 combatants with snowballs in the Vanguard Ops playlist.
  • Snowball Dares: Defeat 100 combatants with snowballs in Dares of Eternity.
  • Thundersnow: Defeat combatants or Guardians with Arc weapons or abilities.
  • Deep Freeze: Defeat combatants or Guardians with Stasis weapons or abilities.
  • Snowmelt: Defeat combatants or Guardians with Solar weapons or abilities.
  • They Call it sNOw: Defeat combatants or Guardians with Void weapons or abilities.
  • Vanguard Eternity: Complete Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities.
  • Competitive Spirit: Complete Crucible or Gambit matches.
  • Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning: Complete Nightmare Containments or Heist Battlegrounds.
  • When Light Comes to Dawn-ing: Complete activities in Savathûn’s Throne World.
  • Bake-extravaganza: Bake 50 cookies.

Every Reward in Destiny 2 Dawning (2022)

Destiny 2, Star Baker Triumphs menu
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Now that you know all the challenges, keep reading to discover the rewards given upon completing them.

Most of the challenges grant similar rewards, with Dawning Spirit, Event Tickets, and A Gift in Return consistently granted as they play instrumental roles in completing the challenges and earning better rewards.

  • Dawn of the Dawning: A Gift In Return, Dawning Spirit, Event Ticket
  • Amateur Baker: Calling card, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Adept Baker: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Expert Baker: Enhancement Prism, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Shopping Spree: Hoarfrost Sunrise shader, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Snowball Ops: Joyful Gift shader, Dawning Spirit +%, Event Ticket
  • Snowball Dares: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Thundersnow: Cold Front SMG, Upgrade Module, Event Ticket
  • Deep Freeze: Zephyr Sword, Enhancement Core +5, Event Ticket
  • Snowmelt: Avalanche LMG, Upgrade Module, Event Ticket
  • They Call it sNOw: Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle, Upgrade Module, Event Ticket
  • Vanguard Eternity: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Competitive Spirit: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • When Light Comes to Dawn-ing: A Gift in Return, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket
  • Bake-extravaganza: Dawn Chimes Shell, Dawning Spirit +5, Event Ticket

That’s all you need to know about every challenge and reward in Destiny 2’s The Dawning. Check out related content to help you spread the cheer such as how to earn the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle, how to farm Dawning Spirit, or a full list of cookie recipes.

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