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All Midnight Suns Trophies & Achievements List

All Midnight Suns Trophies & Achievements List
Image Source: 2K Games

All Midnight Suns Trophies & Achievements List

Judging by the look of this list, getting 100% in Marvel’s Midnight Suns doesn’t look too challenging.

In the eternal quest for getting the Platinum trophy for the entire 1000 Gamerscore in a game, it is best to go into it already knowing the list. There’s a pretty solid amount of Achievements and Trophies in this game. Here are all the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Trophies and Achievements.

All Trophies & Achievements for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

There are 51 total Trophies and Achievements, and unlike some games, Marvel’s Midnight Suns includes the achievement equivalent of a Platinum Trophy. Of those 51, there are three Gold Trophies, five Silver Trophies, and 42 Bronze Trophies. Nothing in the list mentions difficulty, so you should be able to play Marvel’s Midnight Suns however you wish.

However, the list does seem to have some missable Achievements/Trophies in it. Several mention finishing the requirements “in a single campaign.” It’s possible that you’re able to go back, and the requirements simply mean in one game. Though, if you can’t retrace your steps at all, you’ll need a brand new playthrough.

Some of these are considered Secret/Hidden, so we will be placing those in a separate list for those who would like to avoid spoilers.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Achievements & Trophies
Achievement/Trophy NameDescriptionGamerscore/Trophy Rarity
Big Game HunterObtain All Midnight Suns Achievements/Trophies75G/Platinum
Are You On Superlink?Gain a Friendship Level with any hero10G/Bronze
Did We Just Become Best Friends?Reach the maximum Friendship Level with any hero25G/Bronze
Friendship is MagicReach the maximum Team Friendship Level in the Abbey50G/Bronze
Hunter the ExplorerFind every Haven on the Abbey Grounds in a single campaign25G/Silver
Cape of Many ColorsApply a Suit palette to every Hero in a single campaign25G/Bronze
And Look Good Doing ItSpend 1500 Gloss on cosmetic options for the Hunter25G/Bronze
Make a House a HomePurchase 10 different upgrades for the Hunter’s Quarters10G/Bronze
Might Need PocketsCraft a combat item at the Item Bench10G/Bronze
Fire Burn and Caldron BubbleUse Agatha’s Caldron to complete a Recipe10G/Bronze
With a Box of ScrapsCraft a hero ability card in the Forge10G/Bronze
You Absolute LegendComplete a Midnight Sun Challenge in the Forge10G/Bronze
Fully OperationalBuild every Abbey upgrade in a single campaign25G/Silver
The Best GirlPet Charlie 15 days in a row10G/Bronze
Unrequited LovePet Ebony on 4 different days10G/Bronze
Extracurricular ActivitiesAttend all Abbey Club meetings in a single campaign25G/Silver
Spread the PainComplete a Daily Sparring session with any hero10G/Bronze
Some Minor AdjustmentsApply mods to 10 different hero abilities10G/Bronze
T.H.R.E.A.T. EliminatedSurvive 3 turns in the THREAT Room with every hero25G/Bronze
The KeymasterOpen 25 Arcane Chests10G/Bronze
Wisdom of the WoodsCollect 10 of every Reagent10G/Bronze
A Shining LightReach maximum Light Balance25G/Bronze
A Growing DarknessReach maximum Dark Balance25G/Bronze
Fully ArmedAcquire every Hunter ability25G/Bronze
Challenge AcceptedComplete 10 Mission Challenges25G/Bronze
You Have the LeadComplete a general mission led by every hero25G/Bronze
Back in Time for LunchComplete a general mission in 2 turns or less10G/Bronze
We Have WaysInterrogate 5 enemies10G/Bronze
KKRRAKATHOOMSpend 10 Heroism with a single ability10G/Bronze
Quantity is QualityUse 8 hero abilities in a single turn25G/Bronze
Collateral DamageKO 4 Enemies with a single environmental10G/Bronze
Dream TeamKO a villain with a Hero Combo10G/Bronze
Speed KillsKO a villain with a Quick ability10G/Bronze
Kitchen SinkUse 5 environmentals in a single turn10G/Bronze
Wilhelm ScreamKnockback 2 enemies into Drops in a single turn10G/Bronze
Not a ScratchComplete a general mission where no hero takes Health damage25G/Bronze
Pinball WizardKO multiple enemies with a single Knockback 25 times10G/Bronze
Needful ThingsUse 25 combat items10G/Bronze
Trading UpRedraw 75 cards10G/Bronze
Big GunsUse 3 different Legendary hero abilities in a single mission25G/Silver

Below you’ll find the 11 Secret/Hidden Achievements and Trophies for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. They include some story spoilers, so continue ahead only if you don’t mind knowing certain things ahead of time.

All Marvel’s Midnight Suns Secret/Hidden Achievements & Trophies
Achievement/Trophy NameDescriptionGamerscore/Trophy Rarity
Lilith ReturnsComplete the tutorial10G/Bronze
Oshtur’s GiftAcquire the “Open” Word of Power10G/Bronze
A Light ExtinguishedComplete the New York story missions50G/Gold
Big MadComplete the Southwest story missions50G/Gold
Family is ForeverComplete the Transia story missions50G/Gold
Elemental, My Dear AgathaSolve the mystery of Agatha’s Altar10G/Bronze
Atum’s CallAcquire the “Reveal” Word of Power10G/Bronze
Hyppus’ AidAcquire the “Purify” Word of Power10G/Bronze
Set’s FavorAcquire the “Break” Word of Power10G/Bronze
A Coven RestoredSolve the mystery of Hiram Shaw’s church10G/Bronze
A Mother’s GiftSolve the mystery of Lilith’s Garden50G/Silver

That is all there is to know about the Achievements and Trophies in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. If you’re still undecided about picking the game up, we have a handy guide about what each edition of the game gets you.

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