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How to Earn Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers

How to Earn Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers

Earning skill points is a natural part of progressing through Sonic Frontiers, but there’s one skill in particular you definitely should have.

In addition to an open world spin on the Sonic experience, Sonic Frontiers also sports a brawling combat system more in-depth than any other the series has seen. This combat system includes a small but powerful skill tree, and in order to progress through it, players will need a currency called Skill Points. Here’s how you can earn skill points in Sonic Frontiers.

Earning Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers

There are quite a few ways to earn them in Frontiers, but the primary methods of earning skill points are defeating enemies, destroying objects in the environment, drawing a circle using the cyloop ability, and succeeding in the fishing mini-game. Perhaps the most important thing players should keep in mind about earning skill points, however, is the existence of the Air Trick skill.

Air Trick is obtainable very early on in the playthrough, and can be found as the third ability in the second row of the skill tree:

The full skill tree found in Sonic Frontiers.
Image Source: Sega via Twinfinite

Once you’ve spent five skill points and unlocked Air Trick, all you need to do is launch Sonic off of the nearest cliff. From now on, as long as Sonic is traveling through the air for an extended amount of time and shines light blue, the player can move the left analogue stick in different directions to cause him to perform stylish moves.

Every time you move the analog stick and perform a trick, you’ll build incrementally towards your next skill point. Given that there’s no limit to how many times tricks can be activated and certain platforming sections will be regularly launching Sonic upwards, the Air Trick skill provides a steady stream of progress to your next skill point for the entirety of the playthrough. The earlier you nab this skill, the better.

And that was everything you need to know about earning skill points in Sonic Frontiers. If you’re looking for further information on the best ways to spend said skill points, you may want to read our ranking of the game’s top five skills. If not, you may want to learn how to increase Sonic’s stats.

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