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How to Fix Chainsaw Man Subtitles Delay

Chainsaw Man Anime Revs up for October Premiere Date

How to Fix Chainsaw Man Subtitles Delay

Learn how to resync Chainsaw Man’s subtitles on Hulu.

If you’re enjoying Chainsaw Man as a non-Japanese-speaking viewer, chances are you’re using the subtitles. But sometimes, when the text on the screen doesn’t show up in sync with the character’s dialogue, it makes for a very confusing viewing experience. If you’re using Hulu to stream the anime, here’s what you need to know about fixing Chainsaw Man’s lagging subtitles.

Resyncing Chainsaw Man’s Subtitles on Hulu

There are a few steps you can take to get your subtitles back on track, but bear in mind these are only applicable to Hulu users. If you have already tried reloading your stream and the error is still occurring, Hulu’s Help Center recommends you try the following:

Disable and Reenable Subtitles

For web browser users, click the settings icon during playback, enter the Subtitles and Audio menu, and select off. Then repeat the process and turn them back on.

For smart tv users, during playback, press up on your remote twice to open the settings menu, and from there, turn your subtitles off and on.

For Mobile users, during playback, tap the settings icon, turn subtitles off, save your progress by tapping X, then repeat to turn the subtitles back on.

Restart Hulu

In some cases, the application just needs to be rebooted. Fully close Hulu and all other applications and programs running in the background, and then attempt to stream again. This means “force quitting” the application so that no features of the app are running. For specifics about your device, see Hulu’s guide to fully closing the Hulu app.

Further Troubleshooting

Finally, test another video for comparison. If the subtitle sync problem seems to occur on all videos, you can walk through Hulu’s additional troubleshooting steps, like clearing your cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu application. If all else fails, Hulu recommends that you contact them directly so that they can take a closer look at the problem.

That’s everything you need to know about fixing Chainsaw Man’s subtitle delay. If you’re having other streaming issues, check out how to fix Netflix NSES-500 error code, or how to fix a stream delay on Twitch.

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