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Did the Eternity Devil Know Pochita (Chainsaw Devil) in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Is Pochita Dead in Chainsaw Man? Explained

Did the Eternity Devil Know Pochita (Chainsaw Devil) in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Looking for answers to whether or not the Chainsaw Devil and the Eternity Devil knew each other? Look no further.

When the devil hunters imprisoned on floor 8 finally come face to face with the Eternity Devil holding them hostage, it offers them a proposition: feed it “the human known as Denji” and it will let them go free. The bargain is strange, and has many wondering: do the Eternity Devil and Pochita (now living inside Denji) know one another? Here are the answers.

Is the Eternity Devil Familiar With the Chainsaw Devil?

The Eternity Devil knows Pochita very well, and knows him by the name Chainsaw Devil. As the mass of amorphous heads and limbs hurdles down the hallway towards the hunters, it yells “I will be the one to kill Chainsaw. It will be me!” As it tilts the hotel on end and gapes its mouth below, the devil cries “give me Denji’s heart” –the metaphorical and physical place where Pochita now exists within Denji.

At the close of Episode 6, As Denji prepares to take the plunge into the Eternity Devil’s mouth, he says it is afraid of his chainsaws, and was pitting the other hunters against him because it did not want to face Denji’s devil form. The hideous devil that lives in eternity and feeds off fear is terrified of the Chainsaw Devil, and designed the whole situation to get rid of the threat once and for all with minimal danger to itself.

As Denji rips and tears inside the Eternity Devil, it screams “I knew you were alive, Chainsaw,” and “you are so much weaker now.” Two things become clear: the time-manipulating beast thought Pochita had died that day Denji saved him many years ago, and this is not the first time the Chainsaw Devil has crossed paths with the Eternity Devil.

After the incident in the hotel, Himeno and Aki speak in an alley and remark that even more devils are targeting Denji. Between the hotel attack and this revelation, there is obviously something very special about Pochita, enough to make devils want to hunt devils. What it is, however, remains to be seen.

And that’s the answer to whether or not the Eternity devil knew the Chainsaw Devil. Keep up with all our Chainsaw Man content and find out of Aki dies, when the dub version comes out, or whether Denji and Makima ever end up together.

Image Source: Hulu & MAPPA

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