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10 Destiny 2 Gift Ideas for That Special Guardian in Your Life


10 Destiny 2 Gift Ideas for That Special Guardian in Your Life

Here’s everything you need to know on the top 10 gift ideas for Destiny 2 players in 2022.

Whether you’re ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season or not, it’s time to start thinking about shopping. The year has really flown by, and it’s been an exciting one for Destiny 2 fans, which means if you know one then the chances are they’ll be pumped for a Destiny gift. But what to choose? Well, we’ve taken some of the legwork out of the task for you by compiling a list of the top 10 Destiny 2 gift ideas for 2022.

1. Telesto is Besto T-Shirt

Destiny 2 Telesto is Besto Tshirt
Image via Bungie Store

Let’s start with very recent events in the world of Destiny 2. A popular weapon in the game, Telesto, is commonly known to cause bugs and incidents in the game, and very recently, “hacked” it. Long story short, this is one of the most iconic weapons in the entire franchise, and every player knows it. This exclusive T-Shirt is only available for a limited time on the official Bungie store, so make sure to grab it while you can for that special Guardian in your life.

2. Lightfall T-Shirt

Destiny 2 Lightfall DLC
Image via Bungie Store

Speaking of the upcoming Lightfall DLC, a cool new T-Shirt for it would be a great idea to further add to the hype. While it’s a little bland in terms of color, it actually helps depict the upcoming “end” of the world that the game has been preaching for a while now. Once again, the official Bungie Store will have it for a limited time, so make sure to grab one before it’s gone!

3. RGB Ghost Stand

Destiny Ghost with Free Stand - 3D printed (RGB led with remote control)-Larger version-Full Size-Personalized Cosplay
Image via Etsy

This by far might be one of the coolest gift ideas on this list. A Guardian’s Ghost is with them in every part of their adventure in the game, so why not give them their own Ghost in real life? This unique Ghost stand from Etsy can even change colors from the LED light in the middle via a remote. It’s a fitting gift that every Destiny 2 player should have beside them as they play.

4. Fallen Baby Plush

Destiny 2 Fallen Baby Plush
Image via Bungie Store

Currently, Destiny 2 is just about to wrap up with the Season of Plunder, a pirate-themed adventure that brought Guardians, and an enemy race known as the Fallen, together in a united front. Players, however, immediately fell in love with their adorable babies, who have since been dubbed as “Smallen.” Season of Plunder ends in three weeks on Dec. 6, so this adorable Baby Fallen Plush will only be available for a little longer. You can find the link to buying one here.

5. Oryx- The Taken King Poster

Destiny 2 Oryx The Taken King Poster
Image via Etsy

How about some cool posters? At the beginning of September, Oryx, the Taken King, one of the most iconic villains in the Destiny franchise made his way into Destiny 2. Fans from all around have reveled in his return, and this amazing poster of him could be an amazing gift for any player, especially for those who fought originally in Destiny 2.

6. Witch Queen Poster

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Poster
Image via Bungie Store

As mentioned before, the Witch Queen DLC that was released earlier this year was a massive success both for the game and the franchise. Players were ecstatic to finally find and defeat the mysterious sister of Oryx, the Taken King, the Witch Queen Savathun. This amazing poster of some Guardians preparing for battle against her would be a great gift for those looking to reminisce about their fated battle against the queen.

7. Cayde-6 Poster

DESTINY - Cayde-6 - Napoleon Poster
Image via Etsy

One last poster, but man, it’s already been four years since the tragic death of one of, if not THE most beloved character in the franchise, Cayde-6. Every Destiny player, whether new or old, continues to mourn for him. Even in death, he’ll always be our source of comic relief, and what better way to continue to do so than by giving a Guardian this hilarious poster of Cayde riding his trusty steed, Napoleon the chicken.

8. Witch Queen Mug

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Themed Mug
Image via Bungie Store

With the cold winds of the winter finally settling in, it’s time to break out those blankets and cozy up by the fire with a cup of warm tea. That said, why not get that special Guardian in your life their very own Destiny 2 Witch Queen themed mug so they too can warm up this coming winter? It might not improve their performance in the game, but hopefully, they can relieve their stress with a warm drink beside them.

9. Destiny Beanie

Destiny Embroidered Ribbed knit beanie
Image via Etsy

Speaking of keeping warm this coming winter, this comfy embroidered beanie would be great for a Guardian of all ages. It even comes in multiple colors! It’s a great choice in terms of apparel, as the design isn’t necessarily over the top, and one can imagine how comfortable it is. You can find a link to it here.

10. Cayde-6 Collector’s Statue

Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Collector's Statue Bungie Store
Image via Bungie Store

To wrap things off, for those looking to go the extra mile, there’s no better gift than this exclusive Cayde-6 collectors statue from the Bungie store. As mentioned before, Cayde-6 was truly the heart and soul of the Destiny franchise until his tragic demise four years ago, so no Guardian would miss the opportunity to continue paying respects to him. While on the expensive side, this collector’s statue would light up any Destiny players world without a second thought.

That wraps up our 10 best Destiny 2 gift guide ideas. We hope it’s given you some insight on something suitable for the Destiny fanatic in your life. If you’re still pondering options outside of Destiny 2, though, search Twinfinite for lots of other gaming gift guide features, including our Nintendo mega-fan gift guide.

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