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How to Upgrade Your New Digimon TCG Ragnaloardmon ST-13 Starter Deck

ragnaloardmon digimon tcg

How to Upgrade Your New Digimon TCG Ragnaloardmon ST-13 Starter Deck

Upgrade your Ragnaloardmon ST-13 Starter Deck with this guide!

Digimon TCG brings two new fun starter decks along with their new Xros (Cross) Encounter BT10 set. The Ragnaloardmon ST-13 starter deck is one of the two new ready-to-play decks being released alongside this awesome expansion that you’ll want to upgrade. This deck contains plenty of useful and powerful cards straight out of the box, and you’ll find it relatively inexpensive when upgrading. There’s a bit more of a learning curve to this deck, but it has a unique and rewarding setup that you’ll enjoy learning along the way.

You can also check out our other guide for the Jesmon starter deck released with Ragnaloardmon and the BT10 Xros Encounter set.

The Best Upgrade Path for Ragnaloardmon ST13

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This starter brings a new Raganloardmon with a dual-color evolution and DNA evolve option, so you’ll want to get two lines of Digimon going, and you’ll also find yourself playing your creatures without evolving them. The basic strategy of this deck focuses on the synergies of Legend-Arms cards and setting up your main Digimon, Ragnaloardmon, for the win.

You want to reveal Digimon from the top of your deck and play them for free underneath your other characters. It’s a bit more random but definitely fun. The main trait you want to focus on is Legends-Arms, and include plenty of these types of cards in your deck.

Eggs and Rookies for Your Ragnaloardmon Starter Deck

For your eggs, the included 4x copies of the Sakuttomon ST13-01 is perfect. It lets you gain 1 memory once per turn when you play a Legend-Arms Digimon, so you’ll benefit from this whenever it’s in play.

You’ll be using plenty due to all of their effects, but you’ll need to remove:

  • 4x Kotemon ST13-07 – This Digimon has no abilities and doesn’t offer anything to your deck.
  • 1x Chikurimon ST13-08 – You can keep 3 of these in your deck because it has a great ability to hinder your opponents while in play.

To complete your rookies, you’ll want to also have:

  • 4x Ludomon ST13-09 – He gives you free play and a great inherited effect and card draw.
  • 2x Zubamon ST13-02 – You get an inheritable effect with Legend-Arms synergy to delete an opponent’s Digimon.
  • 2x Spadamon BT10-059 – Its on-play effect helps build up your lines by letting you place him underneath one of your characters that are already evolved, and you get a search effect for Legend-Arms or Xros Heart cards.
  • 1x Ludomon BT3-062 – to add a Legends-Arms searcher, it only evolves from a black egg (which you have), but it’s a free cost Digivolve, while the others in this deck have a cost.

Champions and Ultimates for Your Ragnaloardmon Starter Deck

Let’s take a look at our Champions and Ultimates that’ll help power up your deck. 

You can remove:

  • 4x Gladimon – This filler character needs to be replaced with Champions and Ultimates that have useful effects.
  • 2x Knightmon – Another plain character; there are plenty of better options when you’re ready to upgrade.

To finish up your team, your roster of Champions and Ultimates will look like this:

  • 4x TiaLudomon ST13-11 – You’ll keep all four of these guys in your deck so you can place him under another Digimon later and also give them Blocker.
  • 4x ZubaEagermon ST13-03 – Another great starter inclusion, this card synergizes with your Legend-Arms traits and lets your delete an enemy with 3,000 DP or less.
  • 2x TiaLudomon BT3-064 – This special booster release lets you De-Digivolve an enemy as its inherited effect.
  • 1x Cyclonemon BT8-011 – An added spot removal against smaller Digimon, it’s great if your opponent is trying to build up their team or has a character with an effect that gives you trouble.
  • 4x RaijiLudomon ST13-13 Ludomon ST13-11 – Keep all of these Raijis because it has staying-power and can evolve during your opponent’s turn.
  • 4x Duramon ST13-04 – You’ll want to add 2 more of these to your deck because he reduces your Legend-arms Digivolving costs. 

Megas for Your Jesmon Starter Deck

This deck benefits from some incredible level 6 Megas, so we’ll add a bunch and tweak the ones included in the starter deck.

  • 4x 4 Durandamon ST13-05 – Add 2 more copies of this card for more consistency to the powerful effects he brings. You’ll cancel your opponent’s security effects, and you can reap the full power of Security Attack +1 and free-play Legend-Arms Digimon that cost 7 or less, wow!
  • 2x BryweLudramon ST13-14 – Remove 2 of the 4 included in the started deck because this is definitely a good card for late-game protection, but not offensive enough to see it early in the game.
  • 3x RagnaLoardmon ST13-06  – Add 1 more copy of him to your deck since he’s the main Digimon of the bunch that reaches level 7 and can unsuspend when you remove a card from your opponent’s security stack. And when you Digivolve him, you can delete enemy Digimon, trash a security card, and gain Blitz!
  • 2x Baihumon BT9-069 – This old card is a great combo with the new Ragnaloardmon. You can play him straight up, and his combined effect with Duramon’s end-of-turn Digivolve lets you potentially trash multiple cards.
  • 1x Ragnaloardmon BT3-019 – He can be potentially free and provides a good backup plan if your main Ragnaloardmon gets removed or you have trouble getting him out.

Option and Tamer Cards for Your Ragnaloardmon Starter Deck

There are only 2 Option cards in your starter deck, but we’ll definitely want to play a lot more. 

  • 4x Legend-Arms Alliance ST13-16 – This included key card comes as a 4-of, and it lets you play a Legend-Arms for free if it costs 7 or less. With its free security effect, you’ll want to keep all of them.
  • 3x Direct Smasher ST13-15 – As long as you have one of your Legend-Arms characters in play, you can delete your opponent’s card with the highest DP. Great way to take the DP lead, and its security effect lets you play it for free. Add one more so your chances of getting it into your security are increased.
  • 2x Hiro Amanokawa BT8-086 – He’s a staple red tamer to add to your deck to always have a guaranteed 3 memory each turn.
  • 2x Izzy Izumi BT4-096 – He also gives you 3 memory but lets you also look at the top 3 cards of your deck and put them in any order. This guy rounds out your tamers, helps your future draws, and if you reveal 3 black cards, you gain another memory.
  • 2x Crimson Blaze BT8-097 – This card helps clear the battlefield of all your opponent’s cards with 6000 or less DP, which can swing things back in your favor or help you catch up. 
  • 2x Antibody BT9-109 – This tech card is what you want to put under your Ragnaloardmon as an additional card that counts towards his effect to trash one more card from your opponent’s life. It can be useless, but it’s worth the risk to see it late game once you have Ragnaloardmon online.

From here, you can also take a look at the old Zubamon line to give you more security attack damage and branch out into your own style. The Ragnaloardmon ST13 is a fantastic starter deck to buy and this guide shows you the best way to upgrade it. The included cards already make up a great build, so you play with it for a good amount of time in stock form. Ragnaloardmon does have a learning curve, but it’s rewarding and fun, and there’s plenty of room for this deck to grow and become more unique as the new sets are released. When you want to enjoy more Digimon, you should check out the new Digimon Survive video game and give that a try too!

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