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How to Mark Enemies in Gotham Knights

How to Mark Enemies in Gotham Knights

How to Mark Enemies in Gotham Knights

Mark down your enemies in Gotham Knights and always be on top.

Information is key when it comes to fighting crime, and that’s no exception for our four heroes in Gotham Knights. While Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin are more than capable of defeating all kinds of foes, knowing where they are and what they are can be very helpful in all situations. Thankfully, they have the technology to do just that, so if you want to know how to mark enemies in Gotham Knights, read on.

Marking Enemies in Gotham Knights

Although you have the ability to use the AR scan to locate nearby enemies and environmental tools to help in the fight, the indicators tend to fade away quickly. However, if you wish to keep tabs on your foes in Gotham Knights, there is an easy way to do so.

Instead of just pressing down on the d-pad to activate the AR pulse, hold it so you access the scanning function. Hold the reticle over the various enemies, give it some time, and they will then be marked permanently.

Marking enemies Gotham Knights
Image Source: WB Games Montreal via Twinfinite

This will allow you to see them through obstacles and keep track of things whether you are stealthing around or jumping into battle straightaway.

Armed with this knowledge of how to mark enemies in Gotham Knights. For more help on the game, be sure to check out other guides such as unlocking more Momentum Abilities, how to emote, and how to dismantle your gear. You can also read up on related content below.

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