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FIFA 23 Lengthy Players Explained: How to Make a Lengthy Player, What It Means & AcceleRATE Explained

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FIFA 23 Lengthy Players Explained: How to Make a Lengthy Player, What It Means & AcceleRATE Explained

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FIFA 23 brings with it the usual updated rosters and refreshes to the popular Ultimate Team game mode, but it also makes some significant changes to the on-the-pitch action, specifically around how certain player builds feel to use in a match. The AcceleRATE system in FIFA 23 is one of the most notable changes introduced in this year’s football title, and that introduces the Explosive, Controlled, and Lengthy player types.

Lengthy players have quickly been discovered to be the attacking ‘meta’ in FIFA 23, meaning they’re incredibly powerful and the ‘go-to’ if you want to give yourself the best chances of winning. Not only are they formidable in the air, they’ve also now got the blistering pace to go with it… once they get up to speed.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about FIFA 23’s AcceleRATE system, what lengthy players are in FIFA 23, how to create them, and the top 25 best lengthy players in FIFA 23 you can get right now. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

What Is AcceleRATE in FIFA 23?

AcceleRATE is a new ‘mechanic’ of sorts that essentially defines players’ sprinting and acceleration style dependent on their Strength, Agility, Acceleration and Height stats. Have players meet or exceed specific stats in these and they’ll be an Explosive, Controlled, or Lengthy pace type.

Explosive players are incredibly fast at accelerating up to their top speed, but their max speed will be lesser than other players. They’re great for short burst sprints or one-on-one scenarios, but will struggle over greater distances.

Lengthy players start off slowly in terms of acceleration, but once they get into their stride can massively outpace other players on the pitch. Over long distances, lengthy players will almost always reign supreme in a footrace.

Finally, Controlled players are any that don’t fall into the specific stat requirements for Lengthy and Explosive players. They will have a more gradual acceleration up to top speed and feel more balanced in general compared to their Explosive and Lengthy counterparts.

What Are FIFA 23 Lengthy Players?

As part of FIFA 23’s new AcceleRATE mechanic, there are now three types of pace that players can have: Explosive, Controlled, and Lengthy. Each of these will distinctly change how a player feels when sprinting after the ball and generally running around the pitch.

Lengthy pace players start off slowly, but accelerate beyond their pace stat, and can ultimately outmatch even the most agile and paciest players in the game.

Lengthy players in FIFA 23 are defined by their build, which is tall, strong, and well-built. If you’re looking for some real-life examples, Manchester City’s Erling Haaland is a classic lengthy player. Once he gets up to speed, his pace is phenomenal and is part of what makes him so tricky for defenders to deal with.

How to Make Lengthy Players in FIFA 23

A lengthy player is defined by having certain stats fall within certain ranges. We’ve outlined the stats you’ll need to meet in order to create a lengthy player in FIFA 23’s player creator tools for game modes like Pro Clubs:

  • Strength: Equal to or greater than 65
  • (Strength – Agility): The difference between these two stats has to be equal to or greater than 14.
  • Acceleration: Equal to or greater than 55
  • Height: Equal to or greater than 174cm (5’9″)

The main things you need to consider here are the Strength and Agility stats. You need to make sure that the player’s Strength stat is at least 14 more than their Agility.

It’s actually worth noting that you can use Chemistry styles in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode to give players the ‘Lengthy’ pace type.

architect chemistry style is great for making lengthy players in FIFA 23

Architect is the best Chemistry style for this, as it gives a player +15 Strength, which can then give you that difference you need between your Strength and Agility stats to qualify for the Lengthy pace type.

Top 25 Best Lengthy Players in FIFA 23

  1. Paolo Maldini (Icon) – CB – Italy – 94 OVR
  2. Zinedine Zidane (Icon) – CAM, CM – France – 94 OVR
  3. Didier Drogba (Icon) – ST – Ivory Coast – 91 OVR
  4. Marcel Desailly (Icon) – CB – France – 91 OVR
  5. Patrick Viera (Icon) – CM – France – 91 OVR
  6. Rio Ferdinand (Icon) – CB – England – 90 OVR
  7. Virgil van Dijk – CB – Liverpool – 90 OVR
  8. Jurgen Kohler (Hero) – CB – Bundesliga – 89 OVR
  9. Sol Campbell (Icon) – CB – England – 89 OVR
  10. Harry Kane – ST – Tottenham Hotspur – 89 OVR
  11. Casemiro – CDM – Manchester United – 89 OVR
  12. Lucio (Hero) – CB – Serie A – 89 OVR
  13. Erling Haaland – ST – Manchester City – 88 OVR
  14. Ruben Dias – CB – Manchester City – 88 OVR
  15. Mario Gomez (Hero) – ST – Bundesliga – 88 OVR
  16. Rafael Marquez (Hero) – CB – La Liga – 88 OVR
  17. Fabinho – CDM – Liverpool – 87 OVR
  18. Yaya Toure (Hero) – CDM – Premier League – 87 OVR
  19. Peter Crouch (Hero) – ST – Premier League – 85 OVR
  20. Kalidou Koulibaly – CB – Chelsea – 87 OVR
  21. Antonio Rudiger – CB – Real Madrid – 87 OVR
  22. Aymeric Laporte – CB – Manchester City – 87 OVR
  23. Romelu Lukaku – ST – Inter Milan – 86 OVR
  24. Sergei Milinkovic Savic – CM – Lazio – 86 OVR
  25. Dusan Vlahovic – ST – Juventus – 84 OVR

There are other ‘lengthy’ players in FIFA 23, but these are the best with their default stats and no chemistry types added on to turn otherwise non-lengthy players into this acceleration type.

For more on FIFA 23, we’ve got you covered with guides on how to play FIFA 23 with friends, how to McGeady spin, and how to complete the Around the World SBC, just to name a few.

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