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Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022, Explained

haunted sectors explained

Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022, Explained

Time to grind out Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors again!

It’s Halloween once again in the Destiny 2 universe. The Tower is all dressed up in spooky decorations, and our favorite grandma Eva Levante is back in the tower to guide us through another event. If you’re here, though, you’ve probably already starting to get your candy and masks, but you’re wondering how the new event, Haunted Lost Sectors work, now that the forest is gone. Here’s a primer explaining the Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2 during Festival of the Lost 2022.

Haunted Sectors Explained – Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022

Festival of the Lost 2022 tasks you with raiding Haunted Lost Sectors in search of Candy and Manifested Spectral Pages, just as we did in last year’s event. It has its own gameplay loop that is quite different from previous seasons so you’ll want to get a strategy down if you want to get the rewards out of the event while it’s active.

Haunted Lost Sectors is a fairly straightforward event where you will capture points, kill Headless Ones, and then after you’ve done that for a bit, you’ll eventually fight a boss that will drop you some valuable loot at the end.

What gives players the most trouble is that the boss will become immune after a while. The only way to take down its shield is to capture the points, summon the Headless Ones, and then after defeating them, throwing the pumpkin that drops at the boss to bring down its shield.

Alongside the same Haunted Sectors we saw in last year’s event, this year, we’ll also see the arrival of an all-new Haunted Sector location on the EDZ. You’ll need to show those pumpkins who’s boss either solo or with a Fireteam.

Farming Haunted Sectors in Festival of the Lost 2022

While the event itself is straightforward enough, what you’ll want to be sure you do before going in is that you have Spectral Pages with you as whenever you kill a Headless One, you’ll convert your Spectral Pages into Manifested ones. These Manifested Spectral Pages can be turned into Eva Levante to better your rewards from the Haunted Sectors.

And that’s kind of the gameplay loop. You start by getting Spectral Pages from outside activities, then you head into Haunted Lost Sectors and kill as many Headless Ones as you can to convert as many pages as you can.

Loot the boss, and then rinse and repeat and as you do this loop more and more, you’ll get even better rewards as the event goes on.

That’s all you need to know about the Haunted Lost Sectors in Festival of the Lost 2022. For more Destiny 2, check out more of our recent content below.

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