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Best Scylla Build in Smite For Competitive Conquest


Best Scylla Build in Smite For Competitive Conquest

Play Scylla at the highest level with this build guide that explains what items to get so you’ll be able to use her to her maximum potential.

Scylla is one of the most powerful mages in Smite due to her skillset’s versatility and intuitive strategy that’s fun and powerful to build throughout the Conquest mode. If you’re new to Smite or are considering trying out a character from the mage class, Scylla is easily a first pick. She’s a character that excels in team fights and has a great skillset that allows you to move efficiently through walls, grants extra map visibility, and has attacks with large AOEs. With all that said, here’s a rundown on how you can build Scylla in Smite for competitive Conquest.

Building Scylla in Smite for the Early Game

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  • Sands of Time – Grants a Passive with +2 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana and your damaging abilities deal an extra 10 true damage to minions. When starting in the midlane, this is one of the most powerful item trees you can start with.
  • Uncommon Staff – Adds +15 Magical Power and +75 Health to your stats. This combines very well with the Sands of Time and at level 3, becomes a necessary powerhouse of an item.

With your leftover starting money, go ahead and grab x2 healing potions and x1 mana potion. You should be able to stay in the midlane and farm enough experience and gold before heading back to the fountain.

Building Scylla in Smite for the Mid Game

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  • Sorcerer’s Staff – When you saved up at least 700 gold, you can return to the fountain to upgrade your Uncommon Staff into the Now you’ll have +45 Magic Power, +100 Health, and +100 Mana. This is a great boost to your stats. It’s also important to get this item early in the game so you can build stacks on it to fully develop its maximum power.

With any leftover gold, you can either save it for your next item, or you can buy another Health potion or Mana potion, depending on how your matchup in the midlane is going. If your opponent is proving to be quite difficult, or you’re getting ganked a lot without support, you might want to get the potions to help you survive.

  • Enchanted Trinket – On your next trip back to the fountain, you’ll want to have at least 550 Gold so you can go straight to the tier 2 Enchanted Trinket from the Tiny Trinket. This item gives you +30 Magical Power, +100 Health, and +12% Lifesteal. Starting with this item, you’ll be able regain HP the more you damage enemies, which helps you stay in the midlane longer to farm more, and it’ll help you drastically in the team fights when you complete your final build. Now that you’re HP will be safer, you can buy x2 Mana Potions so you’ll have enough mana to stay and farm gold and XP.
  • Soul Gem – As soon as you’re able, you’ll want to upgrade the Enchanted Trinket to the tier 3 Soul Gem that drastically increase your damage and lifesteal plus your abilities can be used faster. This item grants +80 Magical Power, +150 Health, +12% Magical Lifesteal, and +10% Cooldown Reduction. Everytime you hit an enemy with one of your abilities, this item gets a temporary stack, and at 4 stacks the next ability that hits gains +25% bonus damage and heals your allies within 20 units for 30% of your Magical Power, resetting the stacks.
  • Spellbook – Next up, go for the Spellbook at the highest tier you can afford until you max it into the Soul Reaver. For a total of 2650 Gold, you’ll gain +95 Magical Power and +300 Mana. The best part about this item is that it saps opponents with high max HP by doing an additional 2% of your target’s maximum health as Magical Damage. This scales up if your target has over 2000 HP to a max of 9%, with subsequent hits doing half the bonus damage for the next 3 seconds. Your abilities will be hitting with huge damage at this point, so don’t let up!

Endgame Build for Scylla in Conquest

Image Source: Hi Rez Studios

As you get closer to your final build, you’ll have to make a decision at this point based on how your opponents are building and which enemies are giving your team the most trouble. As a Mage, you’ll generally want to take out opposing assassins, hunter, and other mages as your primary target. These targets generally have weak magic defense and can be taken out quickly. However, if an opposing guardian or warrior is targeting you specifically or giving your team trouble, you can focus on helping bring down the warrior or guardian first.

The most important decision you’ll make for your endgame build is choosing between the Spear of Desolation or the Obsidian Shard.

  • Spear of Desolation – If you’re doing plenty of damage to the opposing team while taking out your targets without worrying about warriors or guardians, go for the Spear of Desolation with a total of 2500 Gold. This item greatly increases your Magical Power by +110, with +12 Magical Penetration, and +10% Cooldown Reduction. The main benefits of this item will be the Magical Power and increased Cooldown. The maximum Cooldown allowed is 40% but as long as you know how to patiently and accurately time your abilities, 20% should be all you need. The extra Magical Penetration is welcome, but is mostly used against enemies with high magical defense like warriors and guardians. With a balance of additional power and Cooldown, you can keep slaying your targets with satisfaction.
  • Obsidian Shard – If warriors and guardians are giving you constant trouble, you’ll want to get the Obsidian Shard for 2450 total Gold instead of the Spear of Desolation. The Obsidian Shard gives a huge boost of 20% Magical Penetration to break through the high Magical Defense that warriors and guardians are packing, along with another +100 Magical Power. In addition to that, you’ll have a passive that gives your next ability an extra +10% Magical Penetration before having to Cooldown for 10 seconds. With this item, you’ll be able shred warriors and guardians or any opposing enemy that builds high Magical Defense.
  • Polynomicon – When it comes time to finish your build, the Polynomicon at 2300 total Gold is a good choice. Your final build will be rounded out with +95 Magical Power, +300 Mana, and +12% Lifesteal. With these stat upgrades, your abilities will be doing tremendous damage, will return online quickly, and you’ll have plenty of Mana to work with. Additionally, you’ll have enough Lifesteal to heal up and stay in big team fights as long your abilities hit. The final touch relies on your skill to hit enemies with your basic attack. Since the Polynomicon grants a passive ability that makes your basic attack hit with +75% of your Magical Power after using an ability, you’ll want to combo a basic attack immediately after you land your 1st ability Sic’Em and that momentarily cripples your target. This bonus only activates every 2 seconds, but that’s all the time you need.
  • Divine Ruin – One more important item to mention for all mages is the Divine Ruin. The main purpose of this item is to hit your enemies and reduce their abilities to heal and lifesteal. If your opponents run characters that have high amounts of lifesteal or healing abilities, you’ll need to opt for this.

There you have it, an incredible build to play Scylla at her full potential in the midlane of Smite’s Conquest mode. Give her a try if you haven’t already and keep practicing with her while utilizing this full build. Your skills will continue improving, you’ll be getting tons of eliminations, and your team will be earning more victories!

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