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Can You Do the Dab Celebration in FIFA 23? Answered


Can You Do the Dab Celebration in FIFA 23? Answered

Will players be allowed to dab in FIFA 23?

When a player scores a goal, they celebrate. It’s that simple. Some may go full Erling Haaland and be Zen, but others want to show everyone exactly how they feel. That said, when the human element enters the equation—as it does throughout the FIFA series—celebrations can be a means of embarrassment and irritation. That brings us to the dab celebration, and whether or not it can be done in FIFA 23.

Doing the Dab Celebration in FIFA 23

Players are unable to do the dab celebration in FIFA 23.

For the third year running, players will not be able to dab when they score a goal. This continues the trend of EA attempting to remove levels of toxicity from the game. Other celebrations that have been disallowed in the past include the shush, calm down, and A-OK taunts.

For what it’s worth, removing these types of animations only serves to speed up gameplay in general. Not to mention, there are countless celebrations to lean on anyway. We recommend the easy, inoffensive signature celebration—which can be done by pressing A on Xbox, X on PS4 & PS5, and B on the Nintendo Switch.

We also get the sense that even without these celebrations, players will find a way to get under the skin of their opponent. It’s human nature, after all. Especially when it comes to online competitive videogame play.

For now, though, that’s all players need to know with regards to the dab celebration in FIFA 23. And if you like what you see, stick around! Twinfinite has plenty of FIFA 23-related content such as a breakdown of the FIFA 23 install size and an explainer on FUT Moments—as well as so much more at the links below.

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