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Are There Prostitutes in Saints Row? Answered


Are There Prostitutes in Saints Row? Answered

Everything you need to know about finding some company on the streets of Santo Ileso!

Look, nobody wants to admit it, but we’ve all picked up a prostitute in GTA at one point in our lives. You can protest all you like, but we know your deep, dark secrets, and chances are, you wanted to do it all over again, which is why you’re here wondering if there are prostitutes in Saints Row Reboot.

To give you a little understanding as to why people might be searching this, well, in GTA, they’d give you a health boost and a rather humorous, PG cutscene where your car would be bouncing around as you got down to business in the back seats. In past Saints Row games, Hoes are a type of Civilian that can be seen walking around the street. They sometimes carry a Knife and other weapons and can be provoked into attacking if you or someone else upsets them.

Can You Pick Up Prostitutes in Saints Row Reboot?

No, you cannot pick up a prostitute in Saints Row Reboot. Despite all the dildo bats and outrageous naughtiness from past entries in the series, escorts or ladies of the night are nowhere to be seen on the streets of Santo Ileso.

In fact, there’s no romance at all in Saints Row, meaning that you’ll be all on your lonesome while making piles of cash to tackle that whole capitalism thing that’s ruining yours and everyone else’s lives in the city.

Who needs love when you have millions of dollars and a literal wrecking ball attached to the back of your car anyway? Nobody, that’s who! Now, go forth and enjoy the criminal lifestyle that the streets of Santo Ileso so desperately (don’t) need.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not there are prostitutes in Saints Row. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out the links below.

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