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What Is No Apex August? Apex Legends Strike Explained

What Is No Apex August? Apex Legends Strike Explained

What Is No Apex August? Apex Legends Strike Explained

Assuming this can be pulled off, it’s a good idea.

Protesting a game isn’t always an easy task, it’s hard to organize any sort of response on a wide scale considering it all stays online. We’re here to give you more information on No Apex August and explain the possible Apex Legends Strike.

No Apex August Explained

As with a good portion of online games (not specifically battle royales) a portion of the Apex Legends player base is upset at the game’s current state.

It’s no secret Apex Legends has issues, from hits not registering to character abilities being glitchy, and even server errors.

A couple days ago, Reddit users started proposing No Apex August. As you can probably guess, the idea is to simply boycott Apex Legends for the entire month of August, lowering the player count and dropping the possible revenue gained from cosmetics.

Going purely off of Steam Charts, Apex Legends sees roughly 300k players a day on the service. While there’s nothing that reliably tracks players over the other platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile), it’s a safe bet that Apex Legends gets at least a peak of one million players daily. A month of hitting half of that or less would certainly be noticeable, and that’s the apparent goal.

Those who plan to take part in No Apex August want to feel like their concerns over the game’s issues will be seen and fixed in the near future. With Season 14 of Apex Legends likely launching in August, the movement is intended to make a big statement to EA and Respawn Entertainment at a time where the game would typically be played a lot more than usual.

That’s everything you need to know about No Apex August at this time.

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